Project GLAD Tier 1 Training

Summer 2015 ***June 17 & 18 - June 23-25

CTC Wenatchee

Wednesday, June 17th, 8am to Thursday, June 18th, 4pm

285 Technology Center Way

Wenatchee, WA

June 17 & 18 location is CTC Wenatchee. 3-day Classroom demonstration on June 23-25 is at Warden Elementary School. 42 Clock Hours are available. Questions? Contact Nancy Zahn - 509.667.3631,


  • GLAD is a proven model of professional development for language acquisition and literacy.
  • Promotes English language acquisition, academic achievement and cross-cultural skills
  • Develops metacognitive use of high level, academic language and literacy.
  • Uses clear practical strategies promoting positive effective interactions among students and between teachers and students.
  • Connects with English Language Arts Common Core State Standards