Week of December 15th

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News you can use....

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday: Please use time throughout the day to complete your mClass testing. This means you may work outside of the 1 hour block as much as needed to finish our testing.

Tuesday - 12/16: Holiday Music Program @ 5:30pm - (Please see the next area for program information)

Wednesday - 12/17: Holiday Meal K-2 parents and friends - PLEASE MAKE OUR GUEST FEEL WELCOME - This means everyone, not just your class parents. Let make a visit to FHES one to remember in a "GOOD" way!

Thursday - 12/18: Cardinal of the Month Lunch

Friday - 12/19: Cardinals LAST DAY OF MOY

Friday - 12/19: Winter Break begins @ 3:00

See ya in January!

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Winter Music Program Practice

With a great music program there is always a GREAT teacher!

Our specials teachers will work together to host practice sessions. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, December 15 9:35-10:45 3rd & 2nd
  • Tuesday, December 16 8:05-9:05 K & 1st
  • Tuesday, December 16 10:05-11:15 4th & 5th

These would be regular specials times for 3rd, K, and 4th, and just adding on the other grade levels. Teachers not required to stay, Mrs. Wallace and Ms. Glenn will help.

Winter Music Program Evening

  • If you work at FHES then this means you! Teachers are required to attend...Office Staff, TAs, Support staff are requested to attend to support our students. The program starts at 5:30 sharp!
  • 5th & 4th will line up down the 5th grade hall. Be lined up and ready at 5:30
  • 3rd and 2nd will line up down at the common area above the library (The Landing)
  • 1st and K can line up at the library.
  • When 5th and 4th go on, 3rd and 2nd can start lining there's up, and K-1 can replace them in the common area and wait.
  • We will go in on the left cafeteria entrance and exit from the right. We will practice this during their practice time.

  • 5th & 4th: Perform first
  • 3rd & 2nd: Perform second
  • 1st &K: Perform last

If anyone has an idea on how to arrange our building to better accommodate our families in the small area please let me know. Seating is always a challenge!

Thank you Mrs. Stroupe !

Testing Finish Line In Sight....


As we are concluding our 12 days please plan for:

Monday - Your staff potluck.

Tuesday - Lunch on us

Wednesday - ?

Thursday - ?

Friday - ?

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