Celebrities With Weird Talents

By: Lindsey Worley

Many of us have weird talents that no one really knows about. Celebrities also have weird talents that we don’t know about either. Even though we all think that certain celebrities are ‘perfect’, and that they do not have weird talents... They do! If we all weren’t weird, or if we didn’t have some weird talents, we wouldn’t be ourselves!

So, here are some celebrities that have weird or unusual talents:

1. Kirsten Stewart likes to juggle! She is good with juggling when she is out of her work.

2. Jennifer Garner was trained in high school to be a professional saxophonist.

3. Mike Tyson races pigeons. He says, “I may have stopped fighting, but I never stopped flying birds. It’s my first love.”

4. Patrick Dempsey also juggles. He took up juggling around the age of 12, and tied for second at the International Jugglers’ Association Juniors Champions.

5. Bob Barker took karate lessons from Chuck Norris.

6. Susan Sarandon is a ping-pong enthusiast.

7. Halle Berry is secretly very talented at playing the flute.

8. Geena Davis is a women’s Olympics archery finalist!

9. Neil Patrick Harris is a Magician! He performs illusions occasionally for an audience.

10. Leslie Mann is a unicyclist. She got a unicycle for Christmas when she was 10, and taught herself how to ride it.

As you can see, many celebrities have weird hidden talents. Having weird talents doesn’t make you unusual, it just makes you special. Having talents that are different from everyone else makes you unique.