Giant Panda

Panda's dangers

Giant panda I.D

Name:Giant panda

Place of living:In the center of China

Size:up to 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters

Wieght :up to 160 tons

Species; mamals

Avrage life:20-18 years

The Dangers The Giant Panda

Giant panda is endangered pandas are left in the wild in 1600.

More than 300 pandas live in zoos and in particular in China.

Interesting Facts About The Giant panda

Panda has black legs, black body and white head and white except for black ears and black spots rimmed eyes like glasses. The giant panda has a special foot and five fingers toe.

הכול על אודות הפנדה

Finally the Panda

Finally, Panda Hiabaal lives at risk and is the symbol of endangered animals. Panda is the symbol of the World Wide Fund for nature.
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