By marcus J

jamacans cultrue

Today my Mom and I went to Jamaica with a tour guide . I was amazed by the Jamaican culture and this is what he told us. The Jamaican family includes a close-knit web of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Families are close and provide both emotional and economic support to their family members. The family is the most important group a person belongs to .Jamaicans don't trust those in authority and prefer to put their faith in those they know well, such as their extended family and close friends. Fifty percent of Jamaicans are Christian.The sports that jamaicans play are some of the same sports that we play, We even got to see some people playing cricket which is their most popular sport. English is the main language but they also speak an English-African language known as Patois. At the end of the day we got to eat their national dish known as Ackee and saltfish. It looked disgusting and I didn’t eat it.
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At Jamaica i went to go see a cricket game and i thought it was strange of how they played from watching baseball.
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this is its food I thought it was destining so I didn't eat it.


Today was very hot and humid . They say that this is typical for Jamaica.

We took a tour of the caribbean island of Jamaica. Our guide said that Jamaica is really a mountain rising out of the sea. We got to see the Dunns River falls. It is a waterfall that is 300 meters high. They say it is the most popular tourist attraction in Jamaica. We then drove through the mountains to get to the jungle river tubing tour .Finally we got to eat at the famous Ricks which is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is famous for seeing people cliff diving.It was cool to see where my Dad dove off the cliff into the ocean. Tomorrow I get to go to the Green Grotto Caves.

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the island of Jamaica is actual a Mountie in the water and while we sailed there I got this picture


We went to a museum in Jamaica and learned a lot about their history, Jamaica’s first inhabitants were the Tainos, an Arawak-speaking people, believed to be originally from South America. These peaceful, seafaring people greeted Columbus when he first visited the island in 1494.From their arrival the Spaniards enslaved and killed off the Arawak through hard labor and ill-treated behavior.Because of this the.population was wiped out so the Spaniards began importing slaves from West Africa to Jamaica in 1517 to work for them. During the 1650s, the British captured Jamaica from the Spanish. The Spanish settlers freed and armed their slaves, who sought refuge in the island’s interior.Under British rule, Jamaica became a busy and wealthy colony.In 1834, Slavery was formally abolished after over 500 years. The most interesting thing I learned was Port Royal became a haven for some of the most famous pirates in history, including Blackbeard and Calico Jack.


We visited the King’s house which is where the governor of Jamaica lives. Jamaica is a constitutional monarchy and is a member of the Commonwealth of Britain. Therefore, the Queen of England is the head of the country. She is represented here by a Governor-General. Local Government was introduced in Jamaica around 1662-1663, just a few years after the British capture of Jamaica in 1655. The island is divided into 3 counties and 14 parishes. Each parish has a capital town which is the centre of local Government.
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this is the governors hose and we took picture of it and got a tour of the house.