Project Link Update

Coordinator's Report to Oversight Committee - October 2015

Education. Workforce. Community. Success.


Project Link’s mission is to create a college going culture by linking Waco students to post-secondary education and workforce opportunities. We are devoted to challenging and supporting students to reach their full potential by advocating success through personal discovery, academic growth, and community involvement.


Our vision is to promote a culture of students who desire to graduate from high school and pursue college or workforce opportunities, preparing them to become effective contributors to society.



Act Locally

Marlayna Botello was featured on Act Locally as one of their September 24 bloggers. Marlayna talked about what it is like to be new young professional in the Waco community and about Project Link.



KCEN-TV interviewed, Natalie James, Marlayna Botello, and Adriant Bereal, a student from University High School, about how Project Link works, the partners of the program, and how the program benefits students. The story aired at 6:00 p.m. (condensed version) and at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 1, 2015.
KCEN-TV reporter Andrew Moore interviews student Adriant Bereal about the Project Link program at University High School.
KCEN-TV reporter Marlayna Botello interviews student Adriant Bereal about the Project Link program at University High School.


NewsTalk 1230am

As always, we have those who believe in what we do and those who do not. A little negative media coverage.

James Parker host of The James Show on NewTalk 1230am gave his opinion about Project Link on his October 2 morning show.

Natalie James

The James Show 1230am 10.2.15 ( by Natalie James

MIX 101.3

Brittany Davis & LaTishia Watson talk about Project Link with Dustin and Beth from MIX 101.3 FM on their October 7 morning show.

Natalie James

Project Link Interview on Waco's MIX 101.3 FM by Natalie James



September Activities

  • Completed student welcome letter handouts and introductions.
  • Prepare for first session with students (Have first session with seniors)
  • Gather Technology needed for all sessions with students (We are using technology from librarian for now)
  • Meet with LIT team & discuss guidelines (Liaisons Meet for Lit Team Guidelines)
  • Collaborate with the cafeteria and administrators to confirm session times.
  • Continue to fill out Project Managements and Grant Activities document.
  • Prepare binder of curriculum for each session
  • Attended College Board seminar @ Baylor
  • Application drive
  • Meet with students for 1:1 sessions
  • Plan out group sessions
  • Print out materials needed for use of sessions

October Goals

  • Coordinate and organize upcoming guests or trips for PL students
  • Handout group session invites to Juniors - Freshmen.
  • 1 : 1 Sessions
  • Prepare for group sessions and plan activities
  • Plan after school sessions for juniors and seniors
  • Every student sign up for text reminders
  • Meet with LIT team Wed. Oct 6th.
  • Attend H.O.T college fair committee meeting
  • Find Volunteers, Volunteer, and Attend H. O. T. College Fair
  • Complete Marketing items
    • Website
    • Business Cards
    • Social Media
    • Project Link Posters



September Activities

· Met with all Seniors for 1:1

· Met with majority of Juniors for 1:1

· Hosted group session after school with Seniors

· Purchased in-office snacks for students

· LVHS faculty meeting x 2

· Project Link Team Meeting x 2

· 1:1 Meeting with Natalie James

· TSTC Tour

· College Board Workshop

· Created Binders for each grade level (containing schedules)

· Created folders for each PL student

· Scheduled LIT meetings

October Goals

  • Complete 1:1 with Sophomores
  • Begin Lunch Sessions
  • LIT Monthly Meeting
  • After school session for Juniors
  • Document previous 1:1 in Access Database
  • Contact all Project Link Parents



September Activities & Meetings

  • September 2 – Purchase and Deliver H.S. Liaison’s Welcome bag supplies
  • September 2 – One-on-one Meeting w/Brandon Chappell, TSTC Specialist
  • September 2 – One-on-one Meeting w/Meghan Becker, MCC POC
  • September 3 – Meeting w/Jenna Hoefer regarding MCC, La Vega CTE, and Project Link partnership opportunity
  • September 3 – Business After Hours @ MCC
  • September 8 – One-on-one Meeting w/Latisha Watson, La Vega Liaison
  • September 8 & 24 – Project Link Team Meeting
  • September 8 – Post-Secondary Success and Employment Working Group Meeting
  • September 9 – Meeting w/Beth Holquin, TSTC POC
  • September 10 – One-on-one Meeting w/Meghan Becker, MCC POC
  • September 15 – Tour of TSTC & Team Lunch
  • September 22 – One-on-one Meeting w/Meghan Becker, MCC POC
  • September 22 – SmarterMeasures Meeting
  • September 23 – One-on-one Meeting w/Angela Reiher, UHC POC
  • September 24 – One-on-one Meeting w/Brittany Davis, University Liaison
  • September 24 – One-on-one Meeting w/Marlayna Botello, University Liaison
  • September 24 – College Board Counselor Workshop
  • September 30 – Purchase and Deliver LVHS ACT/SAT Activity Food & Supplies

October Activities & Meetings

  • October 1 – Planning Meeting, for Partnership between Project Link La Vega, La Vega CTE, and MCC Professor Jenna Hoefer for a College Student Lead Career Services Workshop for High School Students.
  • October 2 – One-on-one Meeting w/Beth Holquin, TSTC POC
  • October 2 – Meeting w/Matthew Polk & Brittany Fritz, Prosper Waco
  • October 5 – Project Link Access Database Training w/Dr. Rhodes & Brittany Fitz
  • October 6 – Monthly Meeting w/Rob Wolaver & Beth Holquin, TSTC
  • October 7 – ApplyTexas Training for the Project Link Team, Counselors from LVHS, and Counselors from UHS w/Jenifer Janek, Region 12.
  • October 8 & 20 – Project Link Team Meeting
  • October 16 – Project Link Team Meeting
  • October 20 – One-on-one Meeting w/Brittany Davis, University Liaison
  • October 20 – One-on-one Meeting w/Marlayna Botello, University Liaison
  • October 20 – Project Link Advisory Committee Meeting
  • October 21 – Project Link Data Management Meeting
  • October 22 – Career Services workshop, hosted by MCC & Ms. Hoefer’s Students for La Vega CTE & Project Link Students.
  • October 23 – MCC Student Development Retreat
  • October 28 – Monthly Meeting w/Rob Wolaver & Beth Holquin, TSTC
  • October 28 – Meeting w/Beth Holquin, TSTC POC

Completed Goals

  • Finalized the Project Link Master Calendar and Committee Members List
  • Finalized LIT teams at both institutions
  • Finalized and provide database/tracking system (ACCESS) for high school liaisons
  • Picked-up and delivered Welcome supplies to liaisons
  • Picked-up and delivered food and supplies for ACT/SAT Afterschool Session for LVHS Liaison
  • Finalize and set date for ApplyTexas training
  • Attended Tour of TSTC for Project Link team members
  • Provided LVHS and UHS Liaisons with pre-survey link to go out to students and parents of Project Link
  • Set monthly 1:1 meetings with liaisons
  • Met with TSTC, UHS, and LVHS Point-of-Contacts for 1:1 meeting
  • Collaborated with MCC’s Marketing and Communications office to create a Project Link business card template and a Project Link “Seal” Logo
  • Obtained 2015-2016 Project Link college cohort and begin contacting students
  • Created email templates in Pharos for Project Link (Invitation to Project Link, Additional Contact, Appointment Reminder, Missed Appointment, SmarterMeasures, Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs, Midterm Email, End of Semester Email, etc.)
  • Began meeting with MCC Project Link Students and logging meeting notes/data

October Goals

  • Hire a permanent full-time Project Link Outreach Specialist @ TSTC
  • Continue to collaborate on an evaluation survey for the PL program and services as a whole.
  • Continue to work on and begin finalizing project link evaluation process and tools for staff
  • Continued collaboration on data collection and coordination
  • Continued to find and coordinate training, team-building, and professional development opportunities
  • Continue to collaborate on what else needs to be included in the database/tracking system (ACCESS) for high school liaisons
  • Send pre-survey link to students and parents of Project Link with deadline set for October 26, 2015
  • Finalize all Project Link cohorts
  • Continue meeting with MCC Project Link Students and log meeting notes/data
  • Host two Project Link Meeting to try and get more involvement of qualifying PL students at MCC
  • Continue to set-up Project Link Activities for MCC PL students
  • Attend ApplyTexas Training
  • 1:1 Meetings with PL team members and POCs
  • Continue to Collaborate and Coordinate a Career Services workshop, hosted by MCC & Ms. Hoefer’s Students for La Vega CTE & Project Link Students.
  • Work with Cindy Riley on updating the High School MOUs to include a small operational fund for the liaison’s at the schools for last minute/emergency purchases that can be reimbursed to the school as long as the purchase is pre-approved by the Coordinator.




Project Link Team, Committees, & Master Calendar

Last Updated 10/8/15. Changes were made on the Advisory Committee Meeting Dates and two of the LVHS LIT Team Dates.



Data Reports

Soon we will be providing you with more numbers!


LVHS has meet one-on-one with all Seniors and almost all Juniors. This about 95-100 students to date. LVHS has also began holding group sessions during lunch, and has hosted an after school ACT/SAT session that included pizza and drinks on Sept. 30. LVHS has also partnered with the school's Parent University Program and has helped with the Parent sessions to date.

UHS has meet with almost all their seniors for one-on-ones and for their first group session. UHS also began meeting with their juniors this week. The Liaisons stay after school on Mondays and Wednesdays to assist students campus wide with ACT/SAT registration.

MCC has made contact with all MCC Project Link students and has not received a large response to date, so information sessions will be held next week with refreshments and a chance to win door prizes. Currently, there are 10 students who have agreed to be apart of MCC's Project Link program.

TSTC has made contact with their Project Link cohort, but at this time have not met with any of the students.




McLennan Community College's Marketing and Communication's Department has helped Project Link with creating us a more prestigious logo for things like certificates, student leader shirts, medallions, etc.


McLennan Community College's Marketing and Communication's Department has helped Project Link with creating our first business cards. Click on the photo to see a sample of our new business cards.


The Coordinator's Report will be provided to the Oversight Committee by the 10th of each month. This is a private report. Only people with the report's address can see it by typing that address into their browser or if the link is shared with you. This report can still be shared with other people, but the report will not be shown or listed publicly on In addition, Google will not be able to index the report, it will not be featured on Smore's Feature page, and it will not show up in the Smore Account Owner's profile.

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear them. You may call me at 254-299-8517 (office) or email me at