Come and visit SPARTA!

By Myra Anwar


Sparta is located on a narrow plain peninsula on southern Greece, known as the Peloponnesus. Sparta was surrounded on three sides of mountains, and it's harbor was 25 miles away.


Sparta was an oligarchy. Sparta's government was more about strength. Sparta had an assembly, but the desions were made by a small group. The Athens thought that the men should only be citizens . I think that women should be citizens too.


Sparta's economy relied more on farming and conquests of other people. Sparta had fertile soil, but not enough land to provide enough food for people. Spartans took the land from their neighbors. But because of the fertile soil, the Spartans have better fruits and vegetables.


Sparta's purpose of education was to produce capable men and women to fight, to protect their city-state. Spartans highly valued discipline and strength. They thought that there was no purpose to learn, so they started to teach their children to fight at a very young age. That way, when there were intruders, the children would know how to fight and the parents wouldn't have to worry much.

Treatment of women and slaves

Spartan women had a lot of more free rights that the Greek women. They were free to speak to their husband's friends, they were able to marry again, and they could own their own property. The slaves, in Sparta, were called Helots. Even though the Helots did have some harsh treatments, they did get some better rights than the Athens. If the Helots had enough money, they could buy themselves and be free. Also ,the slaves in Athens were forced as captives of war. That is very harsh.
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In Sparta, Council of Elders is a small group of Spartans who made all the important governing decisions.
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From the age of 7, all Spartan children trained for battle. Even the girls had to train. They learned wrestling, boxing, foot-racing, and gymnastics. This is why I like Sparta because they get to treat the boys and the girls the same. Like they both get to learn how to fight. Equality.
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Sparta grew their own food. That proves that they were good at farming. They had fertile soil to grow their fruits and vegetables. I'm glad that they grew their own food because, unlike the Athens, when you trade, you don't know what they did to it to harm you in any way.