Masked Ducks

BY: Madison Hoak

Average Male/Female Masked Ducks


Average Length- 14 inches.

Average Weight- 0.90 pounds.


Average Length- 13 inches .

Average Weight- 0.75 pounds.

Bio of the Masked Duck

They have irregular shaped black facial mask that covers its crown and cheeks, and extends to a brilliant blue bill. They have a white spot on their chin. The rest of the under side is chestnut red. On their back and sides are a similiar color but streaked and spotted with black. Their bellys are white and the legs and feet are grayish or blackish-brown. They have a long wedge-shaped tail and it is composed of stiff black feathers.


Masked Ducks sometimes utter a loud "Kiri-Kuroo" sound, and they often repeat it when they are surprised.

Kiri-Kuroo Sound