E-Cig News For and Against Usage

Cities around the world place outrageous bans on e-cigs

A variety of everyday people, as well as known celebrities, have turned to the use of electronic cigarettes to get their daily nicotine fix without the damaging addition of tobacco and tar. Some swear by e-cigs being a safe alternative to standard tobacco cigarettes, while opponents argue there is no change and they may even be worse. In following some of the most recent studies, one should weigh both sides and decide for themselves. Electronic cigarettes are still an unregulated product in many countries, which means there is a large amount of unknowns surrounding the industry. Various regulation agencies have been unable to decide on market regulations, but are aiming to regulate them as they do tobacco products. While e-cigs have been around for several years, they have only recently become main-stream. Not many researchers have been able to study and measure the long term health effects of using an electronic cigarette over traditional tobacco products.

In December 2014, independent health correspondent for the BBC News did a report on the benefit of using electronic cigarettes to help cut down tobacco use. The report covered more than 600 different smokers in the UK and New Zealand and found that 9% of those were able to stop smoking for at least one year compared to 4% who used devices which did not contain nicotine. In addition, the related trials found that 36% of e-cig smokers were able to halve the number of traditional cigarettes they smoked in comparison to the 28% who used other devices. No evidence of any adverse effects had been found during the study.

Queen Mary University of London professor Peter Hajek was confident in the results of various electronic cigarette trials. He stated that while the studies were limited because of the small number of trials performed, the results were encouraging. Several ongoing studies would be needed to see if electronic cigarettes with a higher level of nicotine would perform better than those with a lower level. On the other side of the fence, the vice president of the UK’s Faculty of Public Health stated he was concerned that e-cigs would create a new generation of smokers.

A team from the University College London claimed that for every one million smokers who made the switch to electronic cigarettes, more than six thousand lives could be saved from tobacco related diseases and illnesses. The World Health Organisation, however, has tried to put active bans on electronic cigarettes in all indoor public places claiming there are unsafe levels of nicotine and toxins released into the air by the vapour. Proponents of e-cigs call these claims “alarmist” and say that while there is some nicotine and toxin release, it is extremely small and nowhere near the concentrations from traditional cigarette smoke. The debates continue as they have yet to be any solid long-term studies done on the effects of using electronic cigarettes, or on the possible danger to those around them.

There are currently no nation-wide regulatory statements on electronic cigarettes, but several universities are currently studying the problem to see if the device is a safer alternative as many claim it to be. In addition, there are many areas where the products can be sold to minors as it is not a tobacco product. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health discovered that teens were using less tobacco products, but had migrated to e-cig usage. In 2014, a US-based study by the University of Michigan showed that 17% of teens were using electronic cigarettes while 14% were smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many areas have tried to put various bans or taxes on the sale of the electronic units to discourage youth, but most proposals have been denied. Some blame the flavour of liquid nicotine on the rise in youth using the products as they can come in bubble gum and cinnamon bun flavours, but others simply feel it’s a normal advance from the “old” to the “new” as far as technology goes.

Counterfeit items have been a known concern within the industry, with many reputable and high standard manufacturers being stuck with the consequences. Cheaply made and mass produced knock-offs have been made for supply to all industries with false claims or blatant theft of proper corporations that market extremely reliable and safe products. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure you are getting a legitimate product and not a cheap or dangerous counterfeit.

About the Gamucci Company

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2007, Gamucci quickly became the industry pioneer and leader when it came to high quality and state of the art electronic smoking technology. In 2008 they spread their company to India, in 2010 it was China, 2011 it was the United States and now they have a presence in more than 27 countries around the world and employ over 400 staff members. Gamucci is the only electronic cigarette company to independently own a manufacturing facility in China with a focus on product standards and integrity. The worldwide electronic cigarette market is worth nearly $2 billion and Gamucci boasts an annual turnover of more than $8 million of that.

Gamucci invests into the development and research of electronic cigarette devices and additional goods, and has followed the highest standards when it comes to creating and manufacturing their devices. They also meet or exceed all retailing laws including the e-commerce line in order to build a healthy relationship with law makers and consumers alike. Gamucci has not marketed their devices as nicotine replacement options, and understands that smokers are choosing to make the switch on their own decisions. As time goes by and electronic cigarettes are more openly known and studied, the known risks and benefits will be weighed and made public for smokers to make their own educated choices as to whether or not to continue use. When it comes to high quality electronic smoking devices, Gamucci is the leading name to follow.

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