Presidential Pamphlet

Sara Heile

Constitutional Requirements to be President

1. Needs to be at least 35 years old

2. 14 year resident of the United States

3. Native-born citizen

Salary, Benefits, and Perks of being President


  • $400,000


  • Medical and Dental Care during Presidency and five years after
  • Transition costs for six months after presidency
  • $199,000 Pension
  • Allowance for things like office rent and staff pay
  • Travel Money
  • Presidential Townhouse


  • Join "The Presidents Club" as soon as the president is elected
  • Endless Staff
  • Live in the White House
  • Recreation- invited to lots of parties and has a ton of activities on the South Lawn
  • Air Force One
  • The Beast
  • Blair House
  • Camp David
  • The Secret Service

Ten Constitutional Powers Granted to President in Article 2

  1. Sign or reject any legislation bills passed by Congress (executive)
  2. Commander and Chief of all military forces (diplomatic)
  3. Request opinions from the principal officer of any Executive Department (executive)
  4. Grant Reprieves or Pardons (executive)
  5. Make treaties with foreign nations (diplomatic)
  6. Nominates for appointment, with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, Ambassadors, public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States (judicial)
  7. Fill vacancies in Senate (judicial)
  8. Give Congress information during the State of the Union (judicial)
  9. Can convene both Houses of Congress on extraordinary occasions (executive)
  10. Receives Ambassadors and other public Ministers (diplomatic)

I believe that making treaties with foreign nations is important because we need to make sure that the security of the United States will not get taken down. We also need to trade with other countries so it is important that we build good relations.

Five Leadership Qualities of the President

  1. The president needs to be able to solve conflicts. Conflicts are common in such a large world and being the large country we are the United States President needs to know how to take action if need be and how to help other countries in disagreements they get in.
  2. The president also needs to know how to make a decision based on all the different perspectives and opinions they receive from all the people around them. Humans are very opinionated so the president needs to know know how to make a smart decision with all the opinions given.
  3. The president needs to be able to facilitate meetings. The president attends many important meetings and it is important that these meetings run smoothly.
  4. The president needs to create trust between the government and the citizens of the country. Without the support of the citizens, nothing can get done and lots of arguments occur.
  5. The president needs to create goals but also needs to strive to attain these goals. The president can create high hopes but if they do not strive to attain these goals citizens will get mad.

Six Roles of the President and Guided Questions

  • Party Leader: helps get people from the same political party into office by helping them with their campaigns. Examples: choosing leading party members to serve in the Cabinet; Traveling to California to speak at a rally for a party nominee to the U.S. Senate.
  1. Democratic
  2. Help Hillary Clinton with her campaign for presidency
  3. Offering him support in bills and giving money to help with the presidents agenda
  • Commander in Chief: military leaders look to the president for leadership. Examples: Inspecting a Navy yard; Deciding, in wartime, whether to bomb foreign cities; Calling out the National Guard to stop a riot
  1. They are not in the heat of the moment and they can offer outside support and opinions. They do not have military experience so they are not experts on what to do and how each branch works. They also do not know how it feels to be in combat.
  • Chief Executive: administer laws and affairs to the nation. Examples: Appointing the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Holding a Cabinet meeting to discuss government business; Reading Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports on the state of national security
  1. allowing gay marriage
  2. Article 2
  • Chief of State: represent the United States at public events. The president promotes American values and listens to other countries values. Examples: Awarding medals to students receiving academic honors; Congratulating astronauts upon their return from space travel; Greeting visitors to the White House; Delivering the State of the Union Address
  1. Sandy Hook school shooting
  2. Needs to comfort the country and be the face of our nation to other countries
  • Chief Diplomat: interacting with leaders from other nations. Develops foreign policies with other nations. Examples: Traveling to London to meet with the British prime minister; Working with leaders in the Middle East in an effort to create a peace plan for the region
  1. French President Francois Hollande. Cuba. Going over what to do about Isis and foreign policies with Cuba, hoping to gain peace.
  2. The French have been allies of the United States and these relationships seem to be strong today.
  • Chief Legislator: president can't make own laws but can voice their own opinions and ideas to Congress so they can draft the legislation. Examples: Signing or vetoing a bill passed by Congress; Working to get enough House or Senate votes for a bill to be passed through each respective house; Making a speech in Congress
  1. Obama Care
  2. He has had many speeches and promotes it on commercials

Describe how you would use your position as President of the United States to find a solution to a current challenge facing our country

If I were president I would look to the people of the United States to see their opinions. I will do my best to please everyone but obviously I can't because of all the different opinions. For Immigration reform I believe that people should be allowed to enter the United States. We are a country that is filled with a bunch of different cultures from lots of different nations. This should not be taken away. I also believe that it is important to pay off the debt that we have. It is important that we cut unnecessary spending. Although I do not want a tax increase it could increase a little, not a lot but just a little.

Current Issue

ISIS is a conflict around the world. This group is not stopping its terrorism. It has threatened the United States and many other countries. ISIS is a Salafi jihadist militant group that follows an Islamic fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. They have many supporters and large military weapons. The group constantly has someone attacking other humans all over the world. They are threatening the security of Countries all over the world. The United States is trying to stop them but they are gaining members quickly and have large weapons.

If I were President I would do my best to have the best security so that the safety of the United States would not be in danger. I would try my best to stay out of war but if worst comes to worst I would go into war to ensure safety. I would try and prove to the citizens of the United States that we are taking action to make sure that everyone stays safe and if something bad were to happen we would be able to take action quickly and efficiently to make sure that nothing happens again.