Brothers Gym

Making Fitness Fun

Your Fitness, Your Way

* Operating hours : Monday - Sunday

* Cost $1.38 per day/Yearly cost is $ 500.00 per year/Monthly cost is $41.66

* Adress is 1234 Get Ya Fit On Street/

* Our phone number is 987-654-3210/ Our Email is Fax number is 0918273645.

*We have 4 basket ball quarts, 4 pools and 450 weight machines.

We're Like The Brother You Never Had

How we define health.

* To us social health means communication with others . We have a excellent staff that is not afraid to talk to you if you need help or have any promblems.

* Mental health to us is all about the mind of the body and how you think about stuff. Our technology incourages you to keep working hard with a latest invoice command system.

* Lastly, We want to improve your physical health by have all the latest machines and courts to improve your strength

Programs We Offer

We offer kickboxing classes and for only $250.00 we offer tutoring. If you take kickboxing classes your physical strenght will improve. If you take tutoring classes your mental health will improve because you will become smarter.

What physical is supposed to improve to us.

Physical health is supposed to improves your physical and mental health. It also improve your strength and the quality of your life.

Our Excellent Staff

We have personal trainers,dieticians and yoga teachers to make sure you get the best quality of fitness at our gym. Our staff is the best staff you could ever have.