3 Must Go To Places

Spectacular travel ideas for the average stay-cationer

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This beautiful island located in French Polynesia is the perfect place for an amazing retreat. You can rent a cozy bungalow over turquoise waters and watch stunning sunsets at dusk. For fun, you can go snorkeling or diving among the majestic Coral Gardens and millions of multicolored fishes. The price for this wonderful vacation opportunity only cost $3096 for a bungalow and a flight.
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Tahiti, French Polynesia

In this alluring paradise, you can rent a luxurious room in Manava Suite Resort for a great deal when booking with a flight. Attractions here include observing giant manta rays and snorkeling with your friends. For relaxing, women will enjoy shopping in the colorful markets on the waterfront, which boasts hundreds of wonderful gifts and souvenir ideas. Flight and a room in Manava Suite Resort is only $2095!
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Lahaina, Hawaii

Lahaina, Hawaii is an attractive, tropical sanctuary located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In this charming waterfront area of Hawaii, you can visit Maui Theatre and watch actors (and actresses) preform 'Ulalena. The whole family can have fun at the Birdstand, you can immerse yourself by exploring the magical wonder of the exotic birds that are there. You can get a room in the Westin Maui Resort and Spa plus a round trip flight for only $1370.
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