May 23, 2018

Hello Vanguard!

Thank you for an AMAZING year! FCS Vanguard has done some wonderful work this year. I know next year will be even more amazing.

I shared with school leads late last week, but if you haven't heard, I will not be returning to Fulton next year. At this time, I am taking time to figure out what is next for me in my personal journey.

I wish you all nothing but the best!


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New INFO This Week in the VanWeekly

  • Message from Hoke about iPads
  • KSU Maker Bus
  • Summer Training Opportunities
  • Vancademy Award Showcases
  • School Leads Summer Retreat
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Message From Hoke:

Hello Vanguardians!

It's the most exciting and exhausting time of the year! We have made a change of plans with the iPads - rather than have you (or most of you) coming and pick them up we will bring them to you in the next few days! We will do our best to wrap this up by next week! If you do not get your iPad or have a special circumstance drop me an email! New Vanguards that are waiting on iPads, we are still waiting for them to be processed and when that happens I will let you know! They are here and anxious to get to there new home! If you need ANYTHING please drop me an email or post in TEAMS!


KSU MakerBus

Who is ready to MAKE?!? Registration is open for the KSU Maker Bus.

Available dates are June 11 and 12.

This is a one day PD and we are paying $100 stipend for your attendance. Registration is in Edivate in the Instructional Technology catalog.

We are hoping to integrate the bus with the School Lead retreat on June 13.

More about the iTeach MakerBus

Summer courses are open for registration in Edivate!!

*Going Paperless with Microsoft Teams- register in the Instructional Tech catalog in Edivate

*Engaging Your K-5 Classroom with OneNote- register in the Instructional Tech catalog in Edivate

*Microsoft Innovative Educator Academy- register in the Instructional Tech catalog in Edivate

*Science Textbook training (this information was sent to Science Department Chairs and CSTs) All the textbooks have an accompanying online platform. These sessions are listed in the STEM catalog in Edivate.

There is also Illuminate training happening this summer. Here is information that the principals received earlier this week via the Principals’ Portal.

The FCS Assessment Department is continuing to deliver training on Illuminate (the new FCS Assessment system). Teacher level training will be offered this summer on the dates listed below. Principals are asked to select two teachers to attend training with the goal that these teachers will redeliver the information to the rest of the staff during pre-planning or another time early in the school year. During the session, teachers will learn how to navigate the Illuminate platform, create/administer assessments, and view reports. Time will also be spent planning for redelivery. Participants will be compensated $100 for attending the training on the June and July dates. We recognize that some schools have already received some introductory Illuminate training. If the majority of your staff has already participated in Illuminate training, please feel free to send two teachers who may not have attended your school-based Illuminate training.

North Learning Center
8:30-2:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch
May 30, June 20, June 21, July 11, or July 12

South Learning Center
8:30-2:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch
May 30, June 12, June 14, July 19 or July 25

Registration for the above sessions is in Edivate via the Assessment Catalog. Please complete this quick form to let us know which two teachers will be attending from your school. If you have questions about this training, please contact Mindy Ramon in Instructional Technology.

Vancademy Award Presentations

Due to technical difficulties, these Vanguardian's showcases were not able to be seen the night of the Vancademy awards. Please take a minute to view see some of the wonderful things happening with our Vanguard members,

School Leads Summer Retreat....

We are excited to host our first ever summer retreat for the School Leads on June 13th and June 14th at the Cobb Galleria from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

This event will include the KSU Maker Bus, special guest speakers including Tim Clark to explore ways to integrate digital literacy. In addition, we will take an inside peek at the latest updates and new features of the Fulton County Schools provided digital tools. We will also be participating in a STEM activity and some flying at iFly!

We look forward to seeing all school leads at the event. Please ensure you sign up through this google form

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New Member Corner

Thanks everyone for your hard work this semester!

FCS Vanguard Team

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to personalize learning through coaching and instructional technology.

Leadership Team