Functional Behavior Analysis

Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)

Who- All students

Name: Last Name (space) First Initial (space) FBA (space) school year

EX: House A FBA 2014-2015

How To/Helpful Hints-

· To start a new FBA and BIP select editable FBA or editable BIP and then save using the above file name.

· Beneficial information can be found in students prior FBA/BIP, on intake information, IEPs and BIPs.

· Utilize information from therapist, TES, teachers, and others that work with the student to determine information needed.

· Student Profile

o What can the student do? What are their strengths?

· Description of the Antecedent

o Schedule

§ What time do you see this

o Activity

§ What activity does this take place during

o Specific Problem Behavior

§ What behavior does the student exhibit

o Likelihood

§ What is the likelihood that this will happen during this time

o With whom does the Problem Occur

§ Teachers, peers, other staff, self, etc.

o Fill out for each behavior

o Summarize Antecedent

§ What can cause the behavior

· Select all that apply

o When is the problem behavior LEAST likely to occur?

§ What time, what situation, what surroundings etc.

o Setting Events

§ Are there conditions that may contribute to the behavior?

· Select all that apply

o Description of the Behavior?

§ What does the problem behavior look like

· What do you observe

· What can be observed by others

· How quick do the escalate

§ How often does the problem behavior occur

· Once a day, multiple times per day, once a week, etc

§ How disruptive or dangerous is the problem behavior to the individual student

· What behavior are a danger to the student, what do they look like, how do they affect the student?

§ How disruptive or dangerous is the problem behavior to the instructional environment?

· What do the behaviors look like? How do they affect other? How much does this affect other students?

o Summarize Consequences

§ What usually happens immediately after the behaviors?

· What are the reactions of the peers, staff, etc?

· What happens to the student

· Is there a power struggle

· Do they get out of work

o Develop a observable and measurable problem statement

§ Include setting, antecedent, behavior and consequences

· See example on attached FBA

o Develop a hypothesis about why the behavior is occurring?

§ Check all boxes that apply to the students behavior

o Hypothesis

§ Using this information develop a hypothesis of why the behaviors occur

The above link has information on FBAs and could be helpful when completing them on students.