How To Become A ... Anomator


Hello My name is Justin Koesterer and I am Here to talk to you about making a game and its terms of use and how a game is made. First, making a game is no walk in a park.

Making To Doing

First you must choose what type of game you want to create. Then what kind of objects must go in it. Make sure that you are 100% sure that there will not be any flaws while making anything. Because if you are creating something and you test it out, it may cause you to delete EVERYTHING that you have made and you have start all over again.

Day to Day Life

To make an animation, it may take tons of time from day to night. But it depends on what hours you whole like to work on it at. if you plan on working on this all night. Making animations are is a not complex thing from the recreation to a cartoon form of an object to creating the motion of the object.

Profesanals in the feild

Many people who make animations are who is the creator of works with notch to improve minecraft and he also worked to make every thing work as well as it should be. He is a very skillful man with the talents any animations he wants.


In conclusion, you might need skill to create many games but you can create flash games in which you can draw an image and make a new slide and then draw a new image and hit play and can see that it flashes back and forth.