The Pearl Harbor Attack!

Pearl Harbor


On December 7,1941 in Pearl Harbor,Hawaii Japan attacked battle ship row.We did not know that Japan was going to attack. On September 11,2001 the twin towers got destroyed. A lot of people died these two days. We celebrate these days because for all those people who die and they did not do anything.


Pearl Harbor

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Japan attacked Battleship row. They were not ready for this day. In Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 over two thousand people died. The ships were so easy to hit because they were all in a row. The water was so cold that people got frost bite. Eight battleships got destroyed and there were twenty-two battleships in all. There was still a survivor from Pearl Harbor ,but he died in 2010.

September ,11 2001

September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers got destroyed by terrorist. It was a surprise to every one in the united states and New York City. There were people jumping out of the twin towers so they won't suffer in the fire. lots of people were scared because there was exploding things everywhere. There were over 2,000 people that died for nothing. At that time Gorge W. Bush was the president of the United States.

Same On September 11,2001 and December 7, 1941

December 7,1941 and September 11,2001 over two thousand people died. They were both surprises and lots of people were scared. They were both attacked by planes that damaged a lot of things. A lot of people were trapped. There were still some survivors survivor from December 7,1941 and September 11,2001.

Difference On December 7, 1941 And September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001, George W. Bush was the president of the United States. In New York City, the attack was on land with exploding buildings. On December 7, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president of the United States. In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the attack was in the water and there was explosions on battleship row. the Pearl Harbor attack was 73 years ago and the twin tower attack was 13 years ago.


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