Fandom Project

Create or Analyze


How do fandoms work? How and why do they form? Why do people feel a need to identify via a fandom?

You will create or contribute to a fandom or analyze an element or research question related to fandom.

You can work in pairs if you'd like or by yourself.


1. Read the articles related to fandom on Bb. Pick at least two to use in your project and find at least two more on your own.

2. Look up the word "fandom." When did it enter the general lexicon?

3. Pick either the creative or the analytical option.

4. For creative -- either start a fandom for a text that doesn't have one or create fan art, fan fic, cosplay, etc. for an existing fandom.

For analytical -- develop a research question and explore a concept within or around the phenomenon of fandom.

5. Create a presentation for the class.

Deadlines -- November 1