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At EMIS: September 4, 2015 Edition

Happy "September" Birthday!

September 4: Carolyn Stutts

September 7: Kellie Thompson

September 12: Emily Johnson

September 15: Serobia Clarida

September 21: Marsha Rhyne

September 25: Tonya Mays

Teacher of the Month: Matt Harriger

In addition to leading a very organized start for 6th grade, he has been a Mastery Connect lead trainer and has planned out our new Public Speaking Class though Essential Skills.

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Blackboard Learn

I know there is so much to learn and do, but remember, take it one day at a time! This first 9 weeks, concentrate on getting your gradebook set up, putting in grades, and adding some kind of content for kids to access! Remember, you don't have to do it all right away! Below are some links to get you started- including an icons sheet!

Professional Development Opportunities

We are lucky to have so many knowledgeable people at our school to help us improve our practice. Please use the link below and pick 3 sessions you want to attend this school year. Please note there are some days with 2 sessions, and you can only pick 1 per day (sessions will be 1 hour long). However, on September 10, these sessions will be 30 minutes so that you can attend both.

Tara's Webpage

I have tried to make my webpage a more useful tool for all of you this year. I will continually add tutorials, tips, reminders, and helpful documents to it! Please check out what is available now if you haven't already!

BB Learn Gradebook

Is your gradebook set up? Have you not gotten around to it yet? Please click on the link below and let me know your BB Learn gradebook status.
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Don't forget....

1). Announcement Applications are Due Friday September 4. Announcements will begin September 14.

2). If you haven't already, set up folders for your kids on their desktop to organize their documents. If you use Google Drive, you will want them to do that in Google as well.

3). Student charger labels will be made and distributed next week. We will also send out a document for you to put charger serial #'s in as well. More details to come.

Dose of Inspiration

This was one from last year, but it was so good! Had to share again.
To The Moon
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Life is better when you know the people you work with on a more personal level! I hope you'll join us for a September Social on September 25 at Brickhouse Tavern! We'll go right after work and enjoy a little fellowship outside of school! Click below to learn a little about your coworkers....
This collage was made with Ribbet & Thinglink. Want to create something like this with your students? See me to schedule a time and we can sit down and plan it!