By Hope Westphal 4th hour science

"Digging up parts of history"

Basic Information

  • Examine artifacts
  • Travel around the world and sometimes to remote locations
  • $41,260 per year on a national average
  • Meet different kinds of people
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Work over 40 hours a week if leading a expedition
  • Often work 7 days a week
  • Work for museums, colleges, universities and the government
  • Go on "digs" to find artifacts
  • Specialize in accident culture of specific regions around the world

Pros & Cons

Pros of being a Archeologist:

  • Travel around the world because you get to learn about many different things
  • Meet different kinds of people because you make new friends
  • Learn about different cultures because each different culture is unique in its own special way

Cons of being a Archeologist:

  • Away from friends and family for a long time because family is important
  • The pay of $41,260 per year on the national average because that is not a lot of money and it may be difficult to support a family
  • Work long periods of time because our then archaeology you make have a family to take of or another hobby you still want to do

What do you need to Succeed?

In High School:

  • Foreign Language
  • Public speaking
  • Anatomy and bhysiology
  • Statistics and probability

In College:

  • It is preferred that you have a doctorate degree in Archaeology

3 Colleges for Archeologists

Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin

Name: Lawrence University Appleton, Wisconsin

Address: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

1725 State Street

La Crosse, WI

Web Address:

Pros of Lawrence University:

  • They have a woman's hockey team club because they have a opportunity for girls to continue hockey after high school and most colleges don't offer hockey
  • The distance from the university to home because when your in Appleton, Wisconsin your not far from the Bay Area and you can make easy trips back and fourth to see your family
  • Board and transportation (live with parents): $4,200 which is good because some people may want to be able to continue to live at home and the transportation to get to the university is not that expensive

Cons of Lawrence University:

  • Lawrence University is a division 3 team due to the amount of people attending the school this is a con because some people may want to have a feel of a bigger college or university
  • In-State Tuition: $43,440, Out-of-State Tuition: $43,440 because that's a lot of money you will be paying for a university, image multiplying those numbers depending on if your in or out of state and then times that by the number of years your going to be there for
  • The enrollment is 1,500 students which isn't much because some people would want more of a bigger feel like a community

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Name: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Address: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

1725 State Street

La Crosse, WI

Web Address:

Pros of La Crosse:
  • In-State Tuition: $8,962 because if you live in state that is not a lot of money to pay if your in the state of Wisconsin wanting to go to Lacrosse for college
  • They have a women's hockey team in the Intramural section because some women may want to continue hockey even after high school, because many colleges don't have a women's hockey team
  • On-Campus Rooms and Board: $6,150 because with the money you pay towards the On-Campus Rooms and Board covers your room and food that is on campus.

Cons of La Crosse:
  • The college is in division 3 because of being in division 3 most athletes won't want to play there due other colleges which are division 1 and they will rather do that
  • The distance from La Crosse to home because sometimes people from either all over the state, to other states and maybe countries have left their families and friends. Sometimes this is difficult for people and would want sometimes the comfort of home, being so far away limits your trips back in fourth and that can be a lot of money
  • Out-of-State Tuition: $16,910 because it isn't as expensive as other colleges but that is still a lot of money to pay to get into college. With most of your money going towards college you may have a limit on what you buy.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Name: University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Address: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

100 Church Street SE

Minneapolis, MN

Web Address:

Pros of Minnesota Twin Cities:
  • Minneosta Twin Cities University is division 1 which means a lot to different people because some people will find it great to play sports and play along with the bigger universities around the country
  • The university also has a real division 1 women's hockey team instead of a club because most girls aren't able to continue their hockey career after high school
  • If you live in Wisconsin and attend the Twin Cities you pay instead of the out of state cost

Cons of Minnesota Twin Cities:

  • If you don't like big cities this area isn't for you because the Twin Cities is close to the city and it seems to be always busy
  • Graduate Out-of-State Tuition: $25,075 because if you live in places other then Minnesota and Wisconsin you have to pay a higher cost to get into the college and now times that by the number of years you'll be going there
  • The big amount of people because at the university there are tons of people from all over the world just to attend a school in Minnesota

Associations & Professional Organizations

Society for American Archeology

Names: The staff of Society for America

Address: 1111 14th Street NW, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20005-5622

Phone Number: +1 202-789-8200

Website Address:

American Anthropological Association

People: Ed Liebow, Jeff Martin

Address: 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1301, Arlington, VA 22201

Phone Number: +1 703-528-1902

Website Address:


Do you like traveling the world and looking for treasures? If you said yes, becoming a archeologist is the job for you!

As a archeologist you get to travel around the world to even some remote locations and discover treasures that can unlock mysteries. If you don't like working on the "digging" grounds you can work for the government, museums, colleges and universities. In the future you have a good chance on finding a job as a archeologist. In the state of Wisconsin you get paid $26,220 to $70,780 per year. If your interested in unlocking mysteries and finding the unknown go to and fill out a application. Now we will see you on our next expedition.

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