LG Expeditionary Thursday Update

October 4, 2018

6th Grade Science - Ecosystems

Our 6th graders learned about the ecology of Prospect Park and, more specifically, Long Meadow. The fieldwork required them to observe the meadow and record it. They formed hypotheses and tested them while collaborating with each other. They'll bring this knowledge back in class as we practice applying the scientific method.

7th Grade ELA - Dystopian Literature

Our 7th graders have been reading The Giver. They traveled to Manhattan to visit the LAND BEYOND. The Elders had given them the task of collecting observation data on different locations and people inhabiting this new and unusual space. They used their observation data to write a letter to help Jonas understand this new place and plan where he could hide if needed. The Final Task on this journey was to use their imagination to create a world BEYOND ours. As leader of this new land, students created 4 Rules that ALL must follow. Then they tried to convince the rest of us to join their territory!

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8th Grade Math - Mathematical Modeling

Our 8th graders stayed in-house to participate in our annual Barbie Bungee competition. The central investigation of 8th grade math is about multiple representations of linear relationships. In the Barbie Bungee investigation, students collected data to create a linear model of how far Barbie drops for a given number of rubber bands. To prepare, students moved through different workshops about interpreting graphs, creating scatter plots, and using mathematical models. The day culminated with teachers dropping each team’s Barbie off the roof next to the cafeteria. Our winning team got Barbie INCHES from the ground, to the thrill of cheering onlookers!