The Clockwork Three

By: Brie Dandliker-Johnson


Three children are brought together by an extraordinary event..

Giuseppe is an orphan. He was sold away from his uncle to be a slave. He plays his violin to make money for his owner, and if he doesn't make enough, he gets beaten. If he makes no money, then he gets to spend a night in the rat cellar.

Fredrick does not remember his past. He is an apprentice clockmaker who is trying to make the most magnificent clockwork man the world has ever seen.

Hannah is a maid at a grand hotel, whose life is horrible, until she finds a new guest and hidden treasure.

As these three bind together they find out that they each hold the puzzle piece that each person is missing in their lives.

Why you should read this book:

This book is a marvelous adventure of three kids lives. It's a thrilling book and I never wanted to put it down. The author uses the right keys to make an awesome adventure that the characters go through. I will defiantly be watching this author in the future.

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The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby