Andrew Jackson

he was a war hero but he's really a zero

What he did wrong

1.He placed many tariffs on states like south Carolina that relied heavily on imported goods. This started to bring out sectionalism between the north and the south. the north was not bothered by the tariffs, because they already had an industrial economy, so they could manufacture everything that they really needed (except food), on a day to day basis. The south could manufacture and relied almost entirely on an agricultural economy. Even if something is cheaper to get from another country, the Tariffs made it cheaper to buy from the north even though they were spending more money than they should.

2.He took down the national bank just because it didn't favor the "common man". Maybe it would favor the common if you gave it some time to become successful. Just because it isn't really favoring the "common man" right now doesn't mean it will never support them.Andrew just completely took down the national bank, which hurt the economy of our very young country.

3.He killed 1,000's of Native Americans just because he wanted their land. The natives even tried to change to a different, more american type of lifestyle, just to cope better with us. People might have said that the Native Americans tried to fight us, so we should fight them, but Native Americans fought us, because we took their land. I mean come on their NATIVE AMERICANS. They were the original people that settled on this land. Why wouldn't we just try to cope with them, help each other out, and maybe the natives could even become U.S. Citizens.

Political cartoon

This Cartoon is showing Andrew Jackson as the father to a native Americans. It is being very sarcastic, because in real life, Andrew Jackson Hated the Native Americans.