Winter Wonderland Party

Clayton Aultman

Pizza Palace is the Right Food to get

It is a very simple reason to use Pizza Palace, it's the cheapest! Another advantage of using this company is that there is more variety to the food that you get. It may only be Italian food but they provide more types of Italian food. So with there being more variety and the company being cheaper, Pizza Palace is clearly the best choice of food.

The Table


Number of People | Total amount of money

No unit of measure | Dollars

x | y

0 | 50

75 | 650

150 | 1,250

225 | 1,850

300 | 2,450

Question Answers

1. The first thing I did to solve the table was set up my independent variables section. Then I multiplied all those numbers by 8 and then added 50. That gave me my answer.

2. No there won’t be a point where both companies can have the same amount of students and cost the same. There is different rate of changes and y- intercepts so there can never be the same amount of students and the same cost.

3. They really don’t compare to each other, the steps you must use in question two must be used in the order of operations.

4. 118 people can come to the party and get Pizza Palace. You can't have a decimal in your answer because you can't have a fraction of a person.

Classic Spin Should Supply Our DJ

Classic Spin and Spin City both provide a variety of music choices to fit our likings and tastes. So really the only thing that is separating them is the cost. And in that category, Classic Spin wins. So since Classic Spin is cheaper, Classic Spin should be our DJ supplier.
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The Table Part 2


Number of Hours Rented| Total Amount of Money

Hours| Dollars

x| y

0| $75

1| $160

2| $245

3| $330

4| $415

Question Answers Part 2

1. I would put in my independent variable and then put it in to the equation to solve for each row of the table.

2. There is no way there could be the same amount of hours rented and the same cost for both companies. Since they both have different rate of changes and y-intercepts, no amount of hours could cost the same.

3. They don’t really compare, the steps you would’ve needed to follow would have to go in order of operations.

4. You could have a maximum of 10 hours of a DJ with a budget of $1,000. You can’t have a decimal as part of your answer because you can only pay by the hour.

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