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Welcome to travel, in this flyer you will feel like you have been to so many native and other places within a few minutes. From Canada to Africa you will experience everything. So don"t just sit their get up and start reading.



Our world has people of many different cultures and traditions. But its not only the fun of festivals we also appreciate our native people who could light a fire without matches, get clothes without money and live their lives with danger in every corner. These were and still are the starters of the world.


This is our modern world in these days we don't have to hunt for food well maybe at the grocery store but not in the wilderness. We don't have to drink water from lakes and ponds we have proper water from our taps. What I'm trying to say is that we are very lucky and we should care about our aboriginals.


A huge problem in Canada is that aboriginals don't get an equal share they get less of what we have when really they should have more than us. Their classrooms have rats crawling and pipes leaking. Our government doesn't almost like them they like us immigrants and give us all we need. Some places to inform you want to help: Brampton , Fort frances, Amhetsburg ,

North america

North America consists of 2 countries Canada and as everyone knows the USA (United Stats of America). Both countries have beautiful sights to visit. If you are nature lover Canada is perfect for you if you didn't know Canada has many open nature reserves and outdoor parks like Banff and Algonquin. While the US also has nature parks but is mostly known for shopping and movie stars.LA is in USA and is the movie star destination of the world.

South America\ Amérique du sud

South America is known for beauty and as you have probably heard before rainforests. Peru ,Brazil and Spain are countries you might know maybe even because you have watched Neymar from Brazil play soccer.. The climate is probably the most appealing climate in the world its not too hot or not too cold JUST PERFECT.


Europe is the most visited place in the world it is known for the age of the medieval times because it consists of the worlds oldest countries. If you love history Europe is the destination for you there are castles and things/artifacts that have been around for hundreds of years. Personally I love Europe more than any other continent in the world. Can you imagine just being in France and Holand !


Have you ever been to an African lion safari? If you have then you have probably seen lions and giraffe. All of these animals belong to a beautiful place known as Africa. This place is known for the phrase "Mating with the animals" because most of their people are free in wildlife. Did you know Africa is the oldest continent and has been around for millions (100000) of years.


Asia is historic, beautiful with variations of culture and climate which makes it almost well totally PERFECT no joking. I mean there are so many countries and they are all so different did you know that up top like in Siberia its freezing but down in Sri Lanka its hot. Most of the population is Russian because it is the biggest country of the world. Asia is the biggest continent. If you love everything and cant decide where you want to go just pick Asia it has all things nature, beauty, history and even more!
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