Junie B. Jones

and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying

Author BARBARA PARK illustrated by Denise Brunkus


classroom, around 2018


Junie is going to the nurse's office and she does not want to go to the nurse's because she would maybe get glasses.
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Main Characters

Junie B. Jones, mae, mom, dad, Mrs.

Grace, Grandpa, Grammie

Junie B. Jones

The main character is Junie B. Jones. She is dishonest.

Junie spies on her teacher and she is not supposed to spy.

Junie B Jones is funny.

Junie B Jones says silly things like smoochie kiss.

Junie B. Jones is rude

Because she said "I hate, your grandboy I said very sweet."

Ava and Ben B