Richard A Counts

Energy Law a Passion for Richard A. Counts

Richard A Counts

Ever since he began his studies at the University of Tulsa Law School, Richard A. Counts found himself attracted to energy law. Energy law is very complex, but it is also an area of the law that is constantly changing and incredibly challenging. Richard A. Counts practice of law and involvement as an executive in the oil and gas industry has taken him all over the globe as a speaker, transactional attorney and industry executive.

Richard A Counts Started his Career at University of Tulsa Law School

With a highly successful career in the gas and oil industry, Richard A. Counts owes many of his career achievements to his educational background. As an individual who always knew that he wanted to study law, Richard A Counts applied to the University of Tulsa Law School in order to participate in their National Energy Law and Policy Institute (NELPI). After three years of intense study, he earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from the school in 1983.

During his time at the University of Tulsa Law School, Richard A. Counts studied a wide range of energy markets, both domestic and international. The NELPI program helped Richard A. Counts to prepare for a career in energy law, as he received a well-rounded education in the field.

Upon graduation, Richard A Counts started his legal career working for ARCO Oil and Gas. Working with ARCO as a senior attorney gave Richard A Counts the ability to develop an expertise in the oil and gas exploration industry. Through this position, he gained experience in the legal as well as operational aspects of the oil and gas exploration industry. Richard A. Counts contributes much of his success at ARCO to his studies at the NELPI program, as he applied many of the principles that he learned at NELPI in his work.

Of course, his work at ARCO is just one of many positions that have been influenced by Richard A. Counts’ education. He has used the NELPI program tools in all of his professional positions, which has led to significant career success.

Richard A Counts Owns a Ranch in Colorado

When he started his career, Richard A. Counts knew he wanted to have a ranch in Colorado. He had always been mesmerized by the mountains and nature of Colorado. When one visits the Rocky Mountains you don't soon forget them. Richard A Counts didn't forget them, and as soon as he had the opportunity to realize a life-long dream, he purchased the South Hunt Creek Ranch near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Richard A. Counts' Ranch in Steamboat Springs is completely surrounded by the 1.2 million acre Routt National Forest and the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. Richard A Counts loves to go there in the summer and relax, enjoy the ranch life, and take in all that Colorado has to offer. South Hunt Creek Ranch is located 30 minutes from Steamboat Springs, CO. According to Richard A. Counts, “I find Steamboat Springs the most amazing town in the Rocky Mountains. From the friendly inhabitants, culture, to the western feel, including the Friday night Rodeos, and great restaurants and ski resorts. It simply does not get any better than this.”

Richard A Counts occasionally heads to the ranch in the winter since Colorado takes on a whole new beauty when it's covered in snow. However, the cold temperatures aren't exactly conducive to long winter visits. Still, he loves his ranch and enjoys every minute he spends there.

Richard A. Counts, South Hunt Creek Ranch provides a great setting for “Wounded Warriors”. The Ranch is surrounded by the 1.2 million acre Routt County National Forest as well as the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. According to Richard A. Counts, “we have a very nurturing environment, South Hunt Creek for trout fishing, abundant wildlife and solitude. My family and I very much enjoy sharing South Hunt Creek Ranch. According to Richard A. Counts, the acquisition of South Hunt Creek ranch was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for him.

Richard A. Counts’ Involvement in the 25th World Gas Conference

The annual World Gas Conference is a venue where leading professionals in the energy industry come together to discuss current markets and the future of the field. For the past 25 years, the conference has been an important event for executives across the globe. As part of his work in the gas and oil industry, Richard A. Counts attended the World Gas Conference in 2012.

The 2012 conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Professionals from all around the world attended the conference, including Richard A. Counts. At the conference, he participated in a group meeting regarding the expansion of liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets.

For several years, Richard A. Counts has worked closely with LNG resources. Thus, he has gained valuable experience in the sales and acquisition of these resources across different markets. For this reason, he was able to participate in the global LNG markets meeting at the conference.

Richard A. Counts placed the highest importance on being able to share his knowledge of global LNG markets at the World Gas Conference. He took this role very seriously, as he worked closely with big leaders from other countries and markets. Due to the nature of the meeting, any wrong information could result in significant losses to global markets. Therefore, Richard A. Counts came to the meeting prepared to discuss how LNG markets could be effectively expanded across the world. His hard work and preparation prior to the meeting paid off, as the session was a success.

Richard A. Counts’ Involvement in the Make a Wish Foundation

For decades, the Make a Wish Foundation has been a household name due to its influential line of work with providing unique opportunities to terminally ill children. Richard A. Counts believes in the foundation’s purpose, and has been a supporter for several years. In 2012, he participated in a local fundraising event for the charity in Naples, Florida.

The fundraising event was a big success and attracted professionals from all industries. Richard A. Counts served in the important role of accompanying supermodel and FSU volleyball champion Gabrielle Reece to the event. As long-time supporters of the Make a Wish Foundation, Richard A. Counts and Ms. Reece were more than happy to show their support for the foundation by attending the fundraising event.

Of course, Richard A. Counts’ support for the Make a Wish Foundation is not limited solely to attending the charity’s events. He believes in contributing to donation campaigns and spreading the word about the charity to his friends and family. He knows that even word-of-mouth advertising can be beneficial for raising awareness about a particular charity, and can lead to better fundraising efforts in the future.

As an individual with a long history of involvement with local and national charities, Richard A. Counts is proud to extend his support to the Make a Wish Foundation. He knows that by supporting local charities, he is doing his part to give back to his community. As a result, he looks forward to working with the foundation again in the future.