Bubonic Plague

One of the most deadliest diseases of all time

Bubonic plague under microscope


Some of the symptoms are: a chicken egg sized lump, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue or malaise.


To prevent Bubonic plague you have to have a rodent-proof home, keep pets away from fleas, and finally use insect repellent.


Bubonic plague wiped out half of Europe when it hit.One of the deadliest diseases, killed millions, most in the midle ages.

More history

They didn't know hoe to prevent from getting the disease.The very first outbreak of bubonic plague was in 1531 and it started in Africa.Then after the outbreak in Africa it spread to Asia.When it hits a town it usually killed half of the population.When they traveled more and traded more it spread even faster.In October, the plague came to Sicily, Italy, Italian food traders caught the disease down in Asia, when they came back they spread it to the rest of the city, soon hundreds died each day.

Similar diseases

similar diseases were: salmonella, rat-bite fever, salmonella enterica servorar typhimrium, Leptospriosis , Eosinophilic meningits, Hanta virus, pulmonary syndrome, Murine typhus

was it eliminated?

The Bubonic plague reappeared every few generations for centuries.Modern sanitation and public health practices have greatly mitigated the impact of the disease but it has never been eliminated.

Animals that caused bubonic plague

Animals that spread bubonic plague are: rats, squirrels, rabbits, prarie dogs, chipmunks.