In baseball there is diffrent expresions like:

Really Really excited,
getting mad,
proud ,
and nervous.

Hall of Famers

These are some Hall of Famers:
George Herman known as Babe Ruth,
Mike Piazza,
Kin Griffey Jr,
Sam Crawlford,
Roberto Clemete,
Grover Alexander,
Roger Connor,
George Davis,
Cy Young,
Ross Youngs,
and Dave Winfield.


These are all baseball positions most Importint position is the umpire the umpire tells the batter if they got a strike or a ball,Next is the batter the batter is another importint position they are the ones who hits the ball,Next is the pitcher he is realy importint because he is the one who throws the ball to the batter,Next is the out fielder the out fielder tries to stop the batter from hitting a home run and from the batter from getting to a plate,Next is the catcher the catcher obviously he catches the ball but he can catch pop flies too if you do not know what a pop fly is i can tell you what a pop fly is. A pop fly is when the ball goes up up and away.Next is the right fielder the right fielder catches right hits.Next is the left fielder the left fielder stops the ball from the left side.
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Some teams

First we have the St. Louis Cardinals,
Chicago White Sox,
Boston Red Sox,
Chicago Cubs,
Pittsburg Pirates,
Los Angles Dodgers,
New York Yankees,
Detriot Tigers,
San Fransico Giants,
Baltimore Orioles,
and Kansas City Royals.
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