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Let us introduce ourselves... We are the Roan Forest press that has EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the scoop on all the clubs. We are here to inform you on the who, what, when and where of the amazing things that are happening right here in our school.

Lego Club

This amazing club makes buildings and different designs with legos.
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Coding Club

As a club, the coding club works making different types of coding in the technology world.
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Duct Tape

The Duct Tape Club creates anything you can imagine with duct tape. It's very fun how they can make art with heavy duty tape!
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Time Travelers Club

By:Isabella Provada

We asked Ms. Mireles, Ms. Hernandez and their students a few questions. They told us that anybody who wanted to learn more could come. The club is about history, reading, and learning. So far they learned about dinosaurs. When we asked Carson about his club he said that he chose this club because he loves history and it is his favorite subject. He enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.
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Bracelets for buddies

Walking into the bracelets for buddies club we found lots of different colors. Kids were sitting in the room making all types of bracelets. We also interviewed the club sponsors, Ms. Barrientos and Mrs. Gomez. Here is what they had to say: 3rd to 5th grade is involved in this club. She had chosen to do that club because she loved to make bracelets in elementary and wanted other kids to get involved. She described her club as building friendship. We also interviewed one of the club members. She is in fourth grade and her name is Miranda C. Here is what she had to say: she said she had chosen that club because she could make bracelets. She had enjoyed making the bracelets the most!

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Crafty Creations

This amazing club works at doing beautiful crafts. The day we visited them they were doing scrapbooking.
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Pre Robotics Club

On October 30, 2015, we interviewed Mrs. Pederson and Mrs. Blackburn, sponsors of pre robotics who say it includes “children from grades 3-5, who have a love of tech and building robots.” They have chosen to lead the club because they “knew there were students who had a hot plate for building robots. And students had engineering minds, so we stepped up. Engaged.”“Full of engineering and legos . They are going to program and build robots.” FUN!!!

On that same date we interviewed Carlo Ruiz. He is in the pre robotics club also. He wanted to be in that club because he wanted to build robots. The thing he has enjoyed most so far about his club is all of the building he has been doing. He has had fun, he has enjoyed it, and he likes building the most.

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To be or Not to be

Helping hands has 18 students and they want to give back to our community with their crafts. They were making pins for the veterans. They described this club as fun, crafty, and contributing to the communities.

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Board-Card Games

In Mrs. Toriello’s class, Mrs. Toriello and Mrs. Gallegos teach an awesome club, the board game club. 3rd, 4th and 5th can participate as well. There is an adventure in every game you see there. Every person can enjoy a game, it is an explosion of fun. You will never see a person not having fun, because it is the best place to play a board game. Every move is a part of your life to remember!

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Cultural Cooking

By:Isabella Provada, November 19,2015

All the people in the club are in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The teachers are Mrs. Jarrell and Mrs. Zamora. They chose this club because they love to cook and teach. Mrs. Jarrell describes her club as cooking new things from other places each month.

We interviewed a girl named Karina. She chose this club because she loves to cook and go step by step.

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Photo credit: Kort Robinson

Music Mix Masters

Music Mix Masters has 28 students that are lead by Mr. Trevino, and Mr. Quintero. They create music with a special app on their Ipads. They describe their club as a creative and higher order thinking club.

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Blazer Bowlers

This FUN club has their club day in a bowling alley. It's very interesting to see how they enjoy this club and at the same time they develop their physical skills.
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By: Jamie Miller, Fernando Tapia, Diego Rojas, Carli Wilson, Kelsie Salgado

When we walked into Zumba Kids all the kids were dancing and having fun to the beat! The teachers teaching this club are Mrs.Eickman and Mrs. Chivis. The students included in this club were 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. The reason for this club to make the kids fit and to have fun!

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Cooking Club

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are involved in this club. They chose this club because they want to learn how to make cooking fun. This club teaches people how to make simple recipes that you can do at home.

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