Tokyo Japan

Ancient ways meet new technology

About Tokyo

Tired of staying at home? Is your everyday life getting boring? Wishing you could see the world. Then why not come down to Tokyo? Tokyo is the capital city of japan and a large one at that. Tokyo ,also known as the neon jungle, is a large metropolis. It is very popular for its stunning advances in technology and there great history and its magnificent architecture. On the outskirts of Tokyo are beautiful garden and many cherry blossom trees creating a stunning deference between the city and the outside of the great metropolis. Tokyo has many tourist attractions such as sightseeing mt. fuji is magnificent sight.And the tokyo tower specially when its light up. Looking at the glowing buildings at night is full of a excitement that makes you want to see it all!

Tokyos awesomeness

Tokyo is a very interesting place with multiple things to do and see. The city isn't the biggest city but it is very awesome. There is so much to do why not just go visit it and you can experience the amazingness for yourself don't you think you deserve a vacation. Well then come to Tokyo!

Tokyo's past

Tokyo, Once known as Edo, has a very interesting history. There was once a castle in Edo, ancient tokyo, and it was obviously named Edo castle. Shoguns had ruled over all of Japan for thousands of years and they would mostly reside in the castle of Edo.

Then finally after the last shogun was defeated and the power of the emperor was restored Edo was renamed Tokyo. Awesome story right! When you come down to Tokyo you can come and see the museums made around this amazing story!

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