Veterans Elementary Eagle Express

November 7, 2019 - Volume 13, Issue 10

Soar to Excellence!

School Mission

Veterans Elementary School promotes life-long learning by embracing its diversity, providing students with dynamic classroom experiences and exposing them to the cultural arts in a climate that is rigorous, safe, nuturing and respectful.

Veterans Elementary School

Robert Bruce, Principal

Amy Green, Assistant Principal

Derek Lewis, Administrator

School Start and Dismissal Times: 9:25 a.m. - 3:55 p.m.


The Howard County Public School System has announced a new attendance policy.
Research is clear that showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic and social success starting from Kindergarten and continuing through high school. Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling with school or even facing social challenges.

· Missing 10% (or about 18 days of school a year) can drastically affect a student’s academic success.

· By the 6th grade, absenteeism is one of three signs that can indicate if a student is at risk for dropping out of high school.

· In the 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates that 8th grade test scores.

Student attendance is a major point of focus for the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Starting in 2018-2019, MSDE lowered the chronic absenteeism rate from 20% t0 10% which means at 10% a student should be receiving support and interventions to improve their absenteeism. In support of achieving Exemplary Attendance for all students, we are sharing a compre-hensive approach for attendance supports and interventions.

· If a student has missed 5% of their monthly attendance days, parents will receive a Care and Concern Phone Call and letter from the school. This step will allow staff members to coordinate with families to determine how the student can be supported for better attendance.

· If a student has missed 10% of their attendance days (this is defined as chronic absenteeism by MSDE), parents will receive a 10% letter. An attendance conference may be scheduled.

· If a student has missed 15% of their attendance days, in addition to the steps taken in 5% and 10%, these students may require an attendance support plan. Students may also be referred to the Central Attendance Team.

· If a student has missed 20% of their attendance days, parents will receive a 20% Emergency Chronic Absenteeism Letter or Habitual Truancy Letter and may be referred to the State’s Attorney’s Office for habitual truancy.

This is why it is crucial that all absences have written excuses. It is crucial that you send any pertinent details via . Of course, we prefer students be sent to school when they are healthy. There are acceptable reasons for a student absence. With the collaborative effort of HCPSS parents, staff and students, we are confident that all students can have successful attendance. This will improve student success in school and in future life.

Important Upcoming Dates and Events

  • 11 - Q1 Report Cards go home with students
  • 11 - HCPSS Connect Online Conference Scheduling Window Opens: Nov.11 thru Nov. 22
  • 12 - PTA Board Meeting, 7:00p.m. in VES Media Center
  • 15 – PTA Fall Book Fair Begins: Media Center thru Nov. 26

  • 18 - American Education Week Begins: Nov. 18 thru Nov 22
  • 22 - HCPSS Connect Online Conference Scheduling Window Closes
  • 25 - Annual Turkey Trot (rain date: Nov. 26)
  • 25 - 3 Hour Early Dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 26 - 3 Hour Early Dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 27 - Schools Closed for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 28 & 29 - Schools and Offices Closed

HCPSS Connect Online Parent-Teacher Fall Conference Scheduling Window

Opens Nov 11 - 12:01am

Closes Nov 22 - 11:59pm

Fall Conferences will be with homeroom teachers with the focus on Language Arts.
To schedule conferences, you will need to login to HCPSS Connect.
Here is a link to the HCPSS Connect video on "how to" schedule conference slots:

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2019-20 HCPSS Calendar - Monthly Format

Click to download and print the HCPSS calendar in a monthly format. The calendar will no longer be distributed in first day folders. The 2019-2020 School Calendar is available to be printed online:

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current events

Young Authors’ Contest: All students in Grades 1-5 have received information on the Young Authors’ Contest for 2019. Students may submit an original poem (25-150 words) or short story, 100-400 words (Grades 1-2) and 300-800 words (Grades 3-5). All entries must be typed and submitted with a completed cover sheet. Entries are due to the Media Center by December 3rd, 2019. All parents will receive a canvas announcement from their media teacher with more details on this contest, along with links for the cover sheet. We have sent several canvas announcements this year from the Media Center, but If you have not received any Media canvas announcements, please contact or

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afterschool sponsored activities

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Girl Scouts Daisy Troop

Interested in joining Girl Scouts? A new Kindergarten Daisy Troop will be forming, and spots are available in existing troops for other grades. Please contact for more information!


November 12 - Next PTA Board Meeting, 7:00 pm Media Center

November 15 thru 26 - PTA Fall Book Fair

Information to follow!

Thanks to all who have signed up already! Becoming a member (just $10 per adult) ensures we are an official PTA organization within the national structure and helps support all that we do here at the school.

Membership forms came home last week. If you can’t find yours, it’s available online (and you can sign up online too if you prefer). Just copy and paste the link below into a browser window.

Our goal is to get 300 PTA members at VES this year - We are well over halfway there already! Please help us meet our goal.