The "Tatooine" of Planets

A New Beginning.

This Super-Earth planet is more than meets the eye. The planet isfull of wonderful surprises in every corner. With a year of 28 days, you can celebrate your birthday and party every month! And having 3 suns, you can get the Star Wars feel for the planet. With our plans to renovate the planet, you will never have to worry again!

These are pictures of the new planet.

The Statistics of The Planet

The diameter of Persephone is about 1.6 times the size of the Earth. The average temperature of it is 86°F, and the distance from its host star is 11.5 million miles. The length of a year is 28 days, and a day is about 3.5 hours. There are no moons or rings, but the three suns can make up for it. The gravitational pull is about 1.14 times the gravity of the Earth. So you would weigh more, and age faster.

Age and Weight

If you are a teenager that is 14 years old, on Persephone, you would be about 182 years old. If you weigh 130 pounds, you would weigh about 60 pounds.


Since Persephone is 22.1 light years away from Earth, you should know how long it takes to get there. If we use a ship that goes at .1C, (10% of the speed of light), you would be there in 235 years.


There are not a lot of problems with the planet, but there are several things that you have to know. There is a somewhat rocky landscape on the planet, causing there to be a challenge to live there. There also is a gravitational problem regarding the 1.6 added force on us. And there is a lot of distance between Earth and Persephone.

Overcoming The Drawbacks

For the rocky landscape, we can build towns and cities over top of it, as well as making homes in comfortable areas of the region. With the gravitational pull, we can have self pressurized tunnels around cities and towns, but when we adapt, we can open up the capsules when we are adapted. Finally, regarding the distance from our home planet, spacecrafts are constantly evolving to be faster, stronger, more powerful, and more comfortable. So with these changes, we ensure there isn't much to worry about.

Fun Facts

Persephone is named after the Greek goddess of Innocence, and also the kind heartened Queen of the Underworld.

The planetary constellation is Scorpius.

The planet has three suns, but the host Sun appears three times larger than the other two.

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