The Pony Express

By Elaina Gierach

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When was the pony express created? How does the pony express work? When do they switch riders and horses? When did it end? Read and find out in THE PONY EXPRESS.

When was The Pony Express Created?

The Pony Express was created by William Russell and some friends in 1860. The idea of the pony express wasn’t new. Genghis Khan had used a pony system in ancient China to send messages. The ride was very bumpy and deserted.

How does The Pony Express work?

The riders ride 10 to 15 miles. Then the riders stop at a station and get on another horse and ride another 10 to 15 miles. They switch riders at nightfall. They carry the mail.

When do they switch horses and riders?

They switch horses at each station so the horses can rest (they run the horses at top speed). They switch riders at the next station (at nightfall).

The end of the pony express

The Pony Express ended in 1861 because of the telegraph lines. The telegraph lines got mail through faster than the pony express so the pony express sold out. The pony express was a great way to do the mail, but now we have better ways to do things like cars, computers, phones and other things. The past is the past and we should let it be. We should concentrate on the future.