Principal Update

February 28, 2017


BSE Crew,

As you may have read in the newsletter we have the opportunity to form a partnership with a school in Ningbo, China. This partnership is also available to begin next year! We could have students, about 25-30, in our school for a full week in August. This first visit would connect us to our new school partner in a wonderful manner and lead to a variety of options for furthering our relationship. If you would be interested in being a host family for two students of the same gender please email me! I have 9 families from our community who have already responded, but I wanted to be sure to double check our teaching staff.

The partnership is exciting and will no doubt allow our BSE Bears an opportunity to connect globally in a unique and powerful way!

Welcome Jerilyn Zeigler - Maternity for Rogowski

Indiana Wesleyan University - Elementary Education, 2016

University of Indianapolis - Master of Business and Administration/Marketing, 2014

IU, Bloomington - BS in Kinesiology, 2010

Welcome Danielle Campbell - Temporary EC Teacher for Kneller

She is a wife and mom to two young children and very excited to get started in HSE.

Retention Guidelines for 2017-2018

It is that time of year where you will need to identify any student of concern for potential retention for the 2017-2018 school year.

ONLY academic achievement will be considered for retention.

If you have any student, based on your current data, in reading or math please email me by Friday, March 3.

Help Needed!

Friends: Our collaboratory has been left a mess too many times since our return from winter break. Mrs. Rich and Dr K do not want to shut it down. Temporarily, students may use the collaboratory with an adult present until further notice. Please do your part and help clean the collaboratory and make Mrs. Rich happy again!

Bookroom: Just a friendly reminder that our Bookroom is a space for adults to collect materials. Volunteers nor students should be working in this space but are welcome in Mrs. Thompson's office space across the hall.

Furniture may not be moved into this space or stored. This room should remain unlocked and open for teachers to use throughout the day. (This space will be used from 9-11 AM March 2-7 for testing in order to keep the Computer Lab open).

Important Dates Coming Up!

February 28: RTi Check ins for Kinder/1st Grade


ISTEP Part I Window March 2-7: 3rd and 4th Graders will be testing and need your help from 9-11 to be mindful as you pass classrooms. Please refrain from using the collaboratory in the AM Thursday-Tuesday. The computer lab is not being used for testing this round and may be used pending Discovery activities.

March 1: Balanced Math Basics with Jenni Robinson - 4pm


March 6: BSE new Tech's first day!

March 14: PTO - 6:20-7:30PM

March 13-17: IREAD GRADE 3 Testing (no schedule changes)

March 20: Staff Meeting - Privilege Walk - 4PM

March 21: 4th Grade Pioneer Musical - 6:30PM

March 28: District HSE Tech Committee Meeting

March 30: Bear Breakfast - 8AM

March 31 - April 9th - SPRING BREAK

The healthy child: assembly required | Kathleen Gallagher | TEDxUNC

Notice & Note texts

Big thanks to John H. at Sand Creek Intermediate for creating these lists in Destiny.

Notice & Note texts

Again & Again

Aha Moments

Contrasts & Contradictions

Tough Questions

Words of the Wiser

What did Dr. Ryan Flessner have to say about BSE?

A big thank you to the teachers that put themselves out there and showcased our journey with balanced math approaches. Our time with Ryan was so beneficial and we should feel validated with our shifts in math instruction as well as look forward to our next steps.

Current Strengths:

  • Willingness to be observed and receive direct feedback.
  • Lesson topics are cohesive.
  • Environments say we teach math.
  • Multiple math tools including manipulatives, provocations, and students!
  • Collaboration with turn and talks and math experts.
  • On standard and within progressions.
  • Multiple representations of pictures, numbers, and strategies.

Next Steps:

  1. Learning Objectives: Can students articulate what they are learning TODAY compared to yesterday? "Yesterday I identified math tools to measure with and today I am learning how to choose the best tool when measuring an object."
  2. Environments: Can one tell what is being specifically taught right now when walking into your classroom during math instruction based on your anchor charts or lean focus?
  3. Resources: How do teams determine which district provided resources best help meeting student needs and which resources are working or not?
  4. Confidence vs. Humble: How do BSE teachers share the great work they are doing in order to positively impact one another's instruction?

RTI Updates

Tuesday, February 28 will close our check ins on current RTI students until the last month of school. Tier 2 students must be progress monitored biweekly (twice a month) while Tier 3 students are pm weekly. Support should fall in the range of 80-120 minutes weekly (doubled for Tier 3 including before school support).

Students receiving literacy support should also have the following:

  • AIMSweb progress monitoring data (most likely RCBM)
  • Monthly F&P (consider adding writing portion)
  • Anecdotal notes from side by side conversations
  • Any other documentation/assessments

Students receiving math support should also have the following:

  • AIMSweb progress monitoring (MComp or MCap)
  • Digital resource reports and analysis
  • Anecdotal notes from side by side conversations
  • Any other documentation/assessments

Students receiving behavior support should also have the following:

  • Documentation of patterns noticed and strategies attempted.
  • Behavior charts or tally records of time on tasks
  • Parent contact log
  • Cohesive plan and goals (documentation w/ Andrea Thorne)
  • Impact on academics documented/discipline record

March is Disability Awareness Month

Make time for a read aloud to connect with Disability Awareness Month.

Books on Disability Culture and Experiences

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Whole Class Instruction to Teach Students to Reread their Information Texts (3-5)