Cienfuegos, Cuba

By: Akash and Gabbie


The languages of Cienfuegos are Spanish and English.

Natural Resources

The resources of Cienfuegos are wind potential, solar potential, coal reserves, natural gas reserves, and oil reserves.
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The population of Cienfuegos is 164,924 as of 2012.

Traditional music and dance

A fusion of African and European music. The most popular is Cuban music.
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High temperatures year round, rainfall in May-October, dry during January, February, and December.

Monetary system

In Cienfuegos, the currency is CUC. when you get CUC you have to keep the money that you get and you cant exchange it.
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Sports played

In Cienfuegos, baseball in the Cuban league baseball club is very popular. Fun fact: MLB player of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yasiel Puig was born here.
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Cuba's land is fertile consisting of many plains and basins. Mostly consists of red clay, sand, and limestone. Has deep harbors, coral islands, and white sandy beaches.


Founded by Spain and used to be called Cacicazgo de Jagua by the Spaniards. It was settled by French immigrants.

Points of Interest

Rancho Luna beach

Rancho Luna beach is a very poular attraction to go to and is one of the most popular places for families to go in Cienfuegos.
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The Delfinario is a fun place to see aquatic animals.
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Castillo de nuestra senora de los Angeles

Castillo de nuestra senora de los Angeles de Jaguar (fortress) is a fun place to go because there is a lot of history there.
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University of Cienfuegos

University of Cienfuegos is a very good university and can be educational.
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