Scheduled Updates...

Via Software Center

Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician, at your service, with an update tip!

Some may have already noticed...

Every so often your computer(s) may give you messages about needing to be restarted/rebooted for regularly scheduled maintenance. It might cause issues in some places with labs or mobile laptop carts if they all seem to be trying to make these changes at the same time and/or not letting you work because they want to force a shutdown of some sort.

If you want to be proactive, pay attention to these alerts and try to remember to follow the instructions. Let it do a restart during your conference if you know you won't be actively using it. Intentionally have your device do the restart on a day right before you leave or first thing in the morning. If you have a cart with mobile devices or use a lab often, try to make sure that the lesser used machines go through this process before you are in a bind for every single computer to work, right that moment.

As a reminder, below will help you find Software Center:

It's simple!

Follow the instructions below!

There are two really simple ways to find Software Center and the Updates tab:

Hopefully, helping you to help yourself...

Most problems that people run into around the times of these updates can turn up as slowness and are quickly fixed by addressing this update process, ASAP.

Not sure how many remember the previous ways that updates happened but I think EVERYone that does will agree that this is MUCH preferred!

AND, one last reiteration: You don't HAVE to be proactive. No matter what, the update WILL happen. But, if you want more control over when and how, this is the ticket!

And don't forget, as usual, if you have any problems contact or use the link at HIVE Help to "Submit a Request"!!