February Edition

Talent Management 1516

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Message from your MCVP TM

Dear my VPs TM,

After MCP AIESEC in Indonesia, I have been coming to realise that I will soon have my life-after AIESEC and I will have successor soon and the countdown begins!

I am sure many of you are going through the same, maybe some had already. If you are LCPe, busy day putting your team together ahead while balancing your current projects. If you already have a successor, you are already counting down or up if you have a next role. If you don't have successor yet, you are just waiting for the news (like me! lol)

Anxious, exited, nervous.... EVERYTHING!

During NEC Indonesia conference, I realised something; we still have things to do, our legacy to leave and a final TM project to fight for.

Transition will have to be a top priority project to ensure the continuity and improving the area, learning from our mistakes and making 1617 even better from ours.

What is missing for you to have the best experience in this year, and how can you ensure to be satisfied with legacy you leave?

This is the 45 days countdown. By now, you are the master. The expert. The one everyone comes for advice. The Leader. And soon that leader someone will look up to.

It is not over, it is only the beginning. What will you fight for?

Make it happen - no matter what.

Enjoy the ride :)!


Ana Azzahra


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