Long Lake CSD Students

A Message From Ms. Short

March 15, 2020

Dear Students:

I am thinking of you! I know these past few days have been filled with a lot of information, some of which I am sure is hard for you to understand. Above all, I want you to know that your safety is the highest priority of all of the adults in your life, including your family, all of us at school and in the community of Long Lake.

As you may know, your teachers will be meeting tomorrow to prepare for what the coming weeks will look like for you as a student and for them as your teachers. We plan to keep learning and growing together, but doing so from a distance. I will be reaching out to your families tomorrow with more information on our plans, and at that time I will also make sure you know how items you have in your classrooms or lockers that you need will be available for pick-up or delivery.

We will also be working together as a team to provide your families with the option to receive breakfast and lunch for you and any of your siblings who attend LLCS. We will have a pick-up and delivery option available for your family, so you can still have both meals like when you are at school, but instead of eating in the cafeteria you will eat them at home. This will help your parents with grocery shopping and ensuring that you stay healthy and strong. More information will be shared with your families on how to opt-in for this service on Monday.

The days and weeks to come will be different for us all. We all need to work together to get through this. What I need from all of you is to be the responsible, helpful, patient, and curious learners, listeners, and leaders that I know you all to be. Just like you follow the directions and rules in our classrooms, hallways, and on the playground, while you’re at home, please keep following the rules of being respectful, responsible, and safe!

I am here for you if you need anything! You can always send me an email (noelle.short@longlakecsd.com) , even if you just would like to practice your writing! I promise to write back. I have also setup a Google Form as another option for you to submit any questions, ideas, and thoughts that you might have along this new journey we are on. You can submit it as many times as you’d like; there's no expiration or limit. If you have ideas on how to keep us together as a community, you can share those too. Maybe someone could volunteer to do digital morning announcements? :)

Thanks for being you. I’ll be in touch. Be good for your parents and grandparents! Be kind to one another. And, be sure to stay safe and practice good health hygiene.


Ms. Short

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