The Story of Evil Cinderella!๐Ÿ‘ฟ

By Sarmara

The Beginning

Once upon a time there lived a witch called Cinderella, she was evil. One day she decided to go to town she turned herself into a baby and then two sisters found her and picked her up and took her home. She turned back into a witch and said, โ€œYou are my servants follow my command or else I will turn you into frogs or cockroaches.โ€

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Years later they were cleaning and did everything for Cinderella. One day a magical letter was sent out and said, โ€œYou are invited to a ball at 8:OOpm to 10:00pm.โ€ Cinderella demanded the sisters to weave her a dress by hand.

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The day came and Cinderella tried her dress on, she loved it! The mother was too scared to say anything .Cinderella said โ€œWhere are my SHOES?!โ€ Shouted Cinderella. "We were busy weaving your dress!โ€ Exclaimed the two step sisters! While Cinderella got her shoes , a fairy godmother came to the sisters and said โ€œYou are going to the ball!โ€ โ€œBut how ? We donโ€™t have a dress or shoes!โ€ I will supply you with them,โ€ the fairy godmother said. โ€œI will need a mouse and a pumpkin.โ€ She mixed them together in a pot the potion worked and than they drank it and became beautiful. They went to the ball in a carriage and they danced with the prince and enjoyed themselves. By the time Cinderella got her shoes the ball was over. The sisters lived happily ever after with the prince in his castle.

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