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Showing Appreciation

I come from a family of teachers. Not only is my mother a teacher, but I also have several aunts, uncles and cousins that have spent years in the classroom.

Growing up, my understanding of what a teacher did came from watching my mom sitting at the kitchen table grading papers and listening to my relatives exchange stories. When I was six my mom brought home a real chalkboard and two old desks from her school. I spent the summer bossing around my younger brother and giving him lots of “homework”. Most of my relatives smiled and said, “Yep, she’s going to be a teacher.”

While I adored playing teacher when I was elementary school, I entered middle school, mortified, as my mom was a teacher at my school. Now to all those aunts and uncles who commented on my future career, I denied on a future career in education. “A teacher, no definitely not,” I would say.

Fast forward, ten years and I found myself trying to figure out how to teach a group of six year olds to subtract and read words with long vowels. As I came home in those first few weeks, feeling hopeless, unsuccessful, and lonely, I reached out to the teachers that had really made a difference in my life, my family.

Now I truly appreciated the work that they did. How my mom taught haughty middle schoolers all day and then came home and patiently helped two hormonal teenagers each night. I thought of my aunt who no matter how busy she was held a special tea with families to celebrate the writing of each of her third graders. And my uncle, who gave up his holidays and summers to take his 10 graders to different colleges and academic competitions, making sure they knew that anything was possible.

In my first few weeks of teaching, I could not understand any of them would want to teach. But then that magical moment happened, the moment when a student brought me to tears, as they read for their first time. I these were the moments that as educators we are lucky enough to experience. They are some of the greatest gifts than anyone can receive. I understood know why my mom stayed up late grading papers and my aunt taught summer school.

There is not a teacher who has felt frustrated or has chosen their students over themselves. I could write all the things that teachers do that they need to be recognized for but I think you already know. Anybody that has been a teacher understands the challenge but even more those rare gifts that you get (and I’m not talking pictures of you and Sponge Bob playing at the park).

There are so many families, students, and others that appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into your teaching every day. But I also ask you to consider and appreciate all the educators that brought you to the classroom. Make sure you thank them. Without each of them, your Rocketeers would not have an amazing teacher like you!


End of Year Lesson Plans

It is difficult to believe but we are nearing the end of the school year. In order to continue to support with planning, our planning specialists will be creating two weeks of preview or review mini units for each of their grades.

Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 2 will be previewing their upcoming grades' content (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5, will be reviewing content from this past year based on trends that they have seen in data. TK's SSM continues until the end of the year so they will not have a preview or review unit.

Linked is a calendar of the dates for the weeks that these units will be planned for both Nashville and BA/Milwaukee. Please note which days you will be responsible for planning. You should connect with your coach and determine what planning should look like for these last days of school. Some of these are half days due to conferences.

Please reach out with any questions about plans or dates.

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