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Would you believe me if I told you that you may be communicating daily with your animal buddies? Here are several examples of my animal communication experiences. Notice if you relate to any of them.

Dogs - Unless I have to help them overcome anxiety, their earnest devotion always impresses me and they are immediately hilarious and have lots to say. They gush over how ahhhmazzing you are and often times offer advice about an issue going on in your life that doesn't directly pertain to them. I've had dogs give their owners relationship advice! They have lots of strong and wise opinions and can't wait to communicate.

Cats - Well, cats think as highly of themselves as they appear to, they are little pumas -- pure predators after all! From my experiences, I don't think they've ever been fully domesticated. Their love is calmer, quieter, but just as rich and deep as a dog's love. They are little emperors and empresses walking about our homes. Their energy is extremely grounding and therapeutic for their people.

Wild Animals - They don't mince words and have a love for humans that's reserved and best given and received from a distance. They're like that aunt who loves her nieces and nephews but enjoys her space and town home full of breakables. They have their own agendas and motivations. They want humans to take everything more seriously, to have more reverence and give space. They seek balance every minute of every day.

I always have hawks flying over my home or above me while driving or even staring down at me while I'm walking. A few months ago, I asked a red shouldered hawk if he had a message for me. He immediately wished me prosperity and told me he wanted me to win. I felt a huge rush of chills and felt great love as well as deference. They see us and know our pain and want to be helpers and guides but also demand space. Experiencing animals and nature in this way has opened up a pretty magical and humbling way of life.

Would you like to begin communicating with animals?

  • You must embrace your inner child and joyful imaginative wonder over the sacredness of nature - Imagine that Will Ferrell's character Elf combines with the Buddha. Well, you don’t have to be quite as goofy as Elf or as enlightened as the Buddha, but you get the idea.

  • In order to be able to tune into your intuition, a daily meditation or energy cultivation practice is necessary to hear. Fear not, I can teach you how to practice qi gong or meditate!

  • What's the most important component to communicating with animals? You must believe in yourself and the the impressions that you receive from animals while not caring about what other people think. I was frozen in the whole, "but I want to be liked and not ruffle feathers." That mentality really bogged me down for about 35 years!

If you don't have time to embrace a rigorous energy cultivation or meditation practice, I am here, providing the bridge of communication.

All silliness aside, I offer the service of animal communication for you and your animal friends which helps you understand the root cause of emotional or physical issues. For example, if your dog has some phobias, I can send her healing qi energy to help with any stagnation or blocks while communicating messages from you to her and from her to you. These appointments are so rewarding and enriching for all involved. Dare I say I witness love in one of its truest forms -- the human animal bond. Animals are teachers and healers and want nothing more than to co-exist peacefully. My insightful service speeds up their healing. I also hold the space while sending energy to your animal for end-of-life hospice care as well as rainbow bridge passage. This provides peaceful, grounded comfort and healing.

Our "pets" want nothing more than to pleases us. In turn, Our duty is to open our hearts to their needs, expand our reality. Study behavior to help train them to live with us peacefully. Embrace humane training techniques and pastimes that will also enrich their lives as well as ours. Problem solve while broadening and expanding to their joys. They give; we give. And finally, Our wild and “great nature", may it stay wild and great with our utmost respect and reverence.

May you have a lovely summer enjoying the outdoors!

Peace & Love,


NOTE: Writing this took a lot of courage for me to speak so frankly about my animal communication skills. I spent so many years trying to please others and not be different. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for believing in me and accepting me as I am.

I would like to give a special thanks to those who have always encouraged me to be myself. My teacher, Qi Gong Grand Master Ou Wen Wei, (who will be here this month teaching classes, empowering others, (perhaps you!) just like he has empowered me.) Paul and Anisha , Olivia, Erin, Tracy, Katie and Cassie, Emily, Elysia and Jovanina, Jill, Wendy, LAUREN!, Marina, BEANER!, Dawn, my Dad, Mom, Aunt Lucille and of course all of my animal friends: Hazel, Cuddles, Nanook, BB, Spot, Jasper, Baxter, Duncan, Sweet Spot, Frodo, Molly, Betty, Billie and my current, wild-haired, dragon terrier June Bug Shenanigans Bopp.


Qi energy adjustments for People or Animals

Animal Totem Readings (Intuitive & Empathic Advice),

Animal Communication

One on one Golden Hill Meditation

Take advantage of this month's special. Buy one appointment and get two for free! THAT'S $22/APPOINTMENT!

The first appointment will be held at my office at the Long Life Wellness Center. The first animal communication appointment will be conducted at your home. The other two will be conducted over the phone. The appointments can include: Qi Energy Adjustments, Animal Totem Readings, Animal Communication or one on one Golden Hill Meditation. Some combinations are applicable. ***Energy work is telepathic, so meeting face to face isn't necessary. I can demonstrate at the first appointment.


  • Have you learned the Pangu Shengong Moving Form and have been practicing for at least a month? I am now certified to teach the Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form Qi Gong. This form cultivates energy for the different structures and functions of the brain and central nervous system while developing stronger sensory and cognitive functioning including improved memory, creativity, and is also good for improving spinal cord conditions. It enhances your spiritual development by improving the connections between your heart, soul, and nervous system. The form also helps with sleep disorders. More Information
  • I see clients exclusively at the Long Life Wellness Center - 1127 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC. House Calls available for Animal Friends!
  • I am currently expanding my skill set and studying medical qi gong with Paul Fraser. I'll have more to offer you soon! :) What is medical qi gong?


Golden Hill Meditation Every Tuesday IN jUNE

Tuesday, June 6th, 7pm

1127 Kildaire Farm Road

Cary, NC

Experience a qi energy adjustment while Cristen leads you on a journey to a hilly meadow from her childhood. The healing qualities of nature's beauty and wisdom are intertwined with "Pangu" vital life force qi energy which provides: Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind and Inexhaustible Vitality while Strengthening the Immune System & Increasing Well Being & Happiness. Click here for more details. Check out this fact filled article about the benefits of meditation on Psychology Today.

The hill represents transcendence. I have been there many times and feel honored to share the hill with you. I begin by explaining qi and the Pangu Shengong Maxim - Take Kindness and Benevolence as Basis. Take Frankness and Friendliness to Heart Speak with Reason. Treat with Courtesy. Act with Emotion. Accomplish Results.

"You feel like you’re up in the sky,

in a star,

in a tree,

​enveloped by all the love that ever was,

all the love that ever will be."

Golden Hill Meditation ©

No previous meditation experience required. $10 Donation

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