of mine and men

Eli Quiles

story elements

of mice and mean takes places in Salinas,California during 1902. The main conflict in the story is lennie causes a lot of trouble at every job ranch they go to. George has to look after him and tries to keep him out of trouble. The book begins with, A few miles south of soledad, the Salinas river drops close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green.

character analysis

The main character is Lennie and George. Three words to describe lennie is he is a trouble maker, strong as a bull, and has mental problem. George is smart, peaceful, and good worker. the characters are motivated by each other they have each other to look after and also protect one another and about trying to get a farm nd have animals and a good life on the farm. i like the main characters because they both need each other watch over one another. the relationship between lennie and George is they are together all the time and George looks after lennie.


THE theme novel is about true friendship and love. one example to support the theme is lennie always wants to keep george happy. another example is lennie cries when ever george is mad at him. a third example is george cant be mad at lennie even when he does bad things. a final example is they stick together no matter what and love each other even if they might fight.


the book has a good/sad ending the book makes alot of sense and makes a reader actually want to read it to find out what happens next. no, teens cannot relate to this cause its around the time of the great depression and we have better jobs and house now.