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Smart (re)Start Day - January 8th

We are going to do our fabulous Smart (re)Start once again on January 8th, the first day after we come back from Winter Break. We realize that for many students it is difficult coming back from a long break, and therefore, as a district, we are organizing this engaging day. Teachers will create a lesson that is fun (for them and the students), something they feel that they never have time to teach and that they can teach to all students in that grade level. Students will be rotating throughout the day within their grade level, experiencing a variety of activities involving the arts, cooking, music, movement, engineering, technology, and science. We hope to get students reinvigorated about returning to school and giving them a positive mindset for the new year. Please share with your children the fun day they will have when they return on January 8th! I have also attached a link to a video that our district technology department created from our 2017 Smart (re)Start day. I'm sure your children will enjoy watching it:


OPEN ENROLLMENT: Intra-Inter District Transfers

Intra-District Transfers

The Union School District Board of Trustees endorses a neighborhood school concept. The Board, however, recognizes that parents may wish to choose a school of attendance other than the assigned school. Therefore, the Board of Trustees believes that parental choice among the district’s public schools should be included as an integral feature of a well-rounded educational environment.

Home school attendance areas are established to optimize the use of existing facilities and to avoid crowded conditions. However, requests for Intra-District Transfers may be made for reasons of personal preference based on the needs of the family or child.

If you are interested in having your child attend a school within Union School District but outside of your home attendance area, you must complete an Intra-District Transfer Request. Pick up an application from the receptionist at the Union School District Office, 5l75 Union Avenue, complete and return it to the District Office by 4:30 p.m. on March 1, 2018. Intra-District Transfers will only be honored if space is available at the receiving school. Requests received after that time and date will be placed on a waiting list status. If there are more requests than openings at any particular school, a lottery selection process, as required by the Education Code, will take place.

Any Intra-District transfers approved for the first time for the 2008-09 school year and all subsequent years will be reviewed yearly to determine continued placement based on academic progress, behavior, attendance and finally space at the site. Once an intra-district transfer is approved, you do not have to re-apply, and the transfer is in effect through 5th grade for elementary schools and 8th grade for middle schools, unless otherwise noted on the transfer. Union School District BP 5116.1

Inter-District Transfers

If you live outside of Union School District and are currently on an Inter-District Transfer to Union School District, our District Policy does not require you to reapply for the 2018-19 school year, however, your home district Policy may be different, so please check with your home district.

Based on our District Policy and the Inter-District Contract, your child’s academic progress, behavior and attendance will be reviewed. If all are acceptable you will be welcome to remain in the District as long as space is available. Space determinations are often not certain, however, until late in August and possibly as late as October 1.

If you are by choice returning to your home school, please let your site know as soon as possible. If any of the criteria above is not met, we will let you know in writing so that you can enroll your child in his/her home school. Union School District BP 5117

Safety Reminders

Oster currently has 640 students and another 40 from our Deaf and Hard of Hearing family. Safety is of the utmost importance for all of our children. We need our parents to support us with the following safety protocols:

  • Please do not give your child permission to play before school begins on any of our playgrounds, including our kindergarten playground. Students may play after school, ONLY if they have adult supervision. TK and Kindergarten students who are done at 11:30 cannot play on any play structure until 2:50 p.m. and again, must have adult supervision.
  • Please respect the red zones in front of the school office. They are red because the space must be available for emergency vehicles. There are times when we may need to call 911 and we cannot afford to delay emergency personnel because someone has not followed our safety protocols.
  • If your child arrives late to school, please park and escort them to the front office. We have little, little people walking in late all by themselves and it really concerns our office staff when we peek outside and do not see any parent around.
  • Children should not jaywalk anywhere. Our crossing guards have witnessed parents calling their children to hurry up and jaywalk. We have had children hit in the past, so please teach your children to follow all safety rules.
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5th Graders off to Science Camp

Our 5th grade students will head out to Walden West Science camp Tuesday, January 16th- Friday, January 19th. Attending Science Camp has been a long tradition here at Oster and our students look forward to it every year. A typical day at Science Camp is filled with hiking, field classes, hands-on nature experiences,music, skies, food, and fun! For many of our students, this is their first time away without their families, and many return a little more mature and self-confident. Our dynamic trio, Mr. T, Mr. Hickey, and Mr. Sinclair, also leave their families for the week, so a big shout out of appreciation to them. I'm sure our 5th graders will come back with fond memories and great stories to share with their friends and family.

Oster Choir

Oster Elementary Choir performances will be held this month! The two choirs will be performing two different programs entitled “Hits from Film and Broadway.” Hillary Arnott’s goal, as the choir director from Starting Arts, is to introduce choir students to some beautiful, hilarious, and engaging music that has colored the American stage and screens for the past 80 years. Come hear songs from shows and movies such as Annie, Charlotte’s Web, and The Wizard of Oz! The 3rd-5th Grade's Choir will perform Thursday, January 11th at 6:30 pm and the 1st-2nd Grade's Choir will perform Thursday, January 18th at 6:30 pm! If your child is in the choir, come join us for a very engaging evening.