Counselor's Corner

by Mrs. O

PurposeFull Practice: Empathy, Introduction; and, Review of Courage, Respect, Responsibility, and Gratitude


Dear McKinley Family,

Welcome back to the Pond!!! As you likely noticed, I am sending this newsletter a tad earlier than usual. Additionally, I “purposefully” kept it short and sweet, so as to not have important details lost amidst a flurry of words.

Family Fun-

In case you missed it in my last newsletter, McKinley School is offering a Connect and Create opportunity for our families. Here are the details:

What: Create a Family Vision Board and/or Rejuvenate with A Beginner’s Breathwork and

Mindfulness Practice being offered by our own Jamie Crow.

When: Date: January 8, 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 AM

Where: McKinley School (go to the Main Office)

**Please RSVP at:

**Unfortunately, we will have to cancel if participation is low.**

PurposeFull Practice-

This week we will review all PurposeFull Practices covered thus far; and I will introduce our new PurposeFull Practice: Empathy. I call this one our Super Power Practice, and for good reason. As we delve deeper into this amazing character trait, I hope its value and practice becomes intrinsic to our entire Mallard Family.

Wishing you and yours; a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year.

Warmly and gratefully yours,

Mrs. O (Ormachea)

McKinley School Counselor


Overview of Resources:

1. Definition of Empathy

2. Links to Parent Resource Letters (English and Spanish) re Empathy

3. Excellent Read Aloud- A Little Spot of Empathy

4. PurposeFull Practices, Review Activity- This would be a great activity for your entire family. This worksheet can help you explore the different practices (Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude, and Empathy) covered thus far, and reveal strengths and challenges of each family member.

5. Two Guided Dance Videos (Per Science: Dancing + Together = Health and Bonding), and Three Mindful Practices (these are super helpful if you have had a busy or stressful day, but I love doing them anytime).

6. Our McKinley Schoolwide Expectations Chant- I'm going to start handing out Duck Bucks to students who have it memorized.

7. Family Connect and Create- Upcoming events, Ideas, resources, and links.

1. Definition of Empathy

Big picture

2. Links to Parent Resource Letter: Empathy (in English and Spanish)

3. A Little Spot of Empathy -Read Aloud

If you have ever wondered how to define Empathy to a child, here is your answer. I highly recommend listening to this wonderful read aloud as a family. To view- click on picture to the right.

4. PurposeFull Practice Review Activity

This is a wonderful tool for the whole family to use. Discover and discuss individual strengths and challenges in each PurposeFull Practices covered thus far.

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5. Two Guided Dance Alongs, and 3 Mindfulness Practices

It is more important than ever for families to PurposeFully connect through fun activities such as dance; and equally as important, to incorporate calming practices into your day. Below are the resources I sent in my last newsletter- just in case you missed them.

*If you like to know the "why" behind the "what"; make sure to check outThe Science of Dancing Together link (middle picture), for more information.

6. Our McKinley School Expectation Chant

Make sure to ask your student to teach you the arm movements that go with our chant. <3
Big picture

7. Family Connect and Create

Family Connect and Create

Family Connect and Create Day

Saturday, Jan. 8th, 10am

1045 Sycamore Street

Gridley, CA

Create a Family Vision Board with Principal Kemmis and other School Staff

and Rejuvenate and Reset with Breathwork/Mindfulness offered by Jaime Crow (see details-below).

Please RSVP at:

A Special Thank You to Our Wonderful Coffee Connection Parents (Mrs. Diana Velasquez, Ms. Justine Speegl, and Mrs. BreAnn Boyd); for Suggesting Many of the Above Family Resources and Ideas and Being Part of Our McKinley Family.