Marco Polo

By: Jalen O'Boyle

Background Information

Marco Polo was born September 15, 1254, in Republic of Venice and died January 1324, Venice, Italy. Marco's mom died when he was young and his father and uncle were gone a lot, cause they were jewel merchants and they were in Asia for a lot of Marco's young life. Later on he married Donata Badoer and had three kids named Bellela, Fantina, and Moretta Polo.

Discoveries and Achievements

Marco got to China and after a while he was employed to be a special envoy. Since he was now a special envoy he was sent to areas of Asia that Europeans didn't discovered. He got promoted again and now he was a server of governor of a Chinese city, and then Khan appointed him as an official of the Privy Council. Also, he was the tax inspector in the city of Yanzhou. After 17 years they decided to go back to Venice and he took the princess with he and successfully returned to Venice with the princess. Marco meet a man named Rustichello an Marco told him about when he went to Asia and then later it became a book called, The Description of the World, but later it was called, The Travels of Marco Polo. When he can out of prison he became celebrity.

Impact on the World

Marco Polo's story inspired a lot of people including Christopher Columbus. Christopher was trying to find a new route to Orient and with him was Marco's book. Also went to areas of Asia that Europeans did not explore. Burma, India, Tibet and other areas were the places where Marco went to.