Employee Newsletter

Filling Our Empty Spaces

Here at LearningRx, we want to reach out to anyone with learning disabilities, because we want everyone to have the ability to be successful in school. However, an issue that I have been seeing lately is that we are unable to fill our schedule throughout the whole day. Most of our customers are students who are at school all day, and therefore are only available for training sessions in the afternoon and evening. In order to reach the maximum amount of struggling students our facility can accept and help, we would need to have continuous business throughout the entire day. That is not possible, with how things are at this point.

This issue is the reason that I propose a new project that will require quite a bit of effort and persuasion. My proposal is that we try to convince KatyISD to partner with us so that we can have a program for students in the schools. My idea is that our franchise would send trainers to the schools during the school day, and the students could come to us at their own school during their study hall period and work with us then, instead of having them come to our facility after school.

This would allow us to fit more students into our schedule, and we would be able to help more students with learning disabilities learn along with their peers. This would also make sending kids to brain training easier on the parents, because they would not need to make extra trips to take their child to the center and back, because their child will already be where they need to be to work with our trainers.

My idea for payment is that we would make this program cost a bit less than regular training at our facility, to make it more enticing to parents planning to enroll their student into our program and more feasible to KatyISD to allow us to partner with their quality school district. Parents would pay the fees every six weeks along with the grading period schedule of KatyISD schools, until their student has shown enough progress that the parent feels like their student is ready to stop brain training.

Students would work with our trainers for 40 minutes during their study hall period for 3 days each week, then have about 4 ½ hours of online training to complete at home. This will give the student the chance to be a part of our brain training program, while making the process a whole lot easier on the parents. With this plan, our business will be able to help even more struggling learners, and make the maximum possible amount of money for our franchise, so that we can hire more trainers, expand our facility, and generally improve our business.

Health and Wellness

As you know, our employees’ health and wellness is of great importance to us. All of you are a vital part of LearningRx, and are very good friends of mine. I am looking to stress how important it is to stay healthy and active inside and outside of the working environment. Outside of the center, an afternoon walk around a lake or a morning jog would be highly recommended. In the center, we always want to keep the workplace clean. Picking up after yourself and organizing your papers can give a very good first impression and make the difference in either gaining a customer, or turning them away. Basic hygiene is also very important to your health. We believe good hygiene is key to feeling and being successful. Also, to keep our center feeling welcoming to customers, I am giving a reminder of the dress code. Our dress code is business casual. Shorts are allowed during the summer, but no flip-flops, and no cleavage.

Employee Spotlight

I would love to put a spotlight on one of our incredible employees, Keila H. An important influence here at LearningRx, Ellie Franz, says, "Keila has been an outstanding addition to our team. She started here because she has interest in working with kids, and this is a good fit while she is in school for her early education degree. Her rapport with her students is fun yet thoughtful. Her attention to detail is stellar. A fun fact about Keila is that she used to be a student here herself! We are proud to have her on our team." We are so grateful for the wonderful work Keila is doing for our company, and we thank her for her effort and attitude.

Company Events

Don’t forget LearningRx is hosting three major events coming up: LearningRx is hosting a Brain Camp over the spring break for 8-14 year olds. This camp is a perfect way to get parents to recommend our company to their friends, so we need to make it as fun for the kids as possible. Our other event coming up is a Presidents Day party on Monday, February 15th at 5-7. At the party we will have games, contest, treats, and prizes, plus the party will be open to the whole community. Our third and final event is “Bring Your Teacher to Class” day on Wednesday, February 24. The teachers of the kids we are training will be coming to a hour long session. This a perfect opportunity to show the teachers how great LearningRx can be for their students, and they could even recommend it to parents of other students at their school. As gift for participating, we will give them a coffee mug.

Training Tips

At LearningRx, it is very important to pay attention to the improvements and progress that the students are making. When working with the kids, trainers always need to have a positive attitude to place the student in a comfortable, energetic atmosphere. We definitely don’t want to make the child feel any sort of discomfort or unpleasantness while trying to focus on their session. We want the students to stay on track with the program and always feel welcomed.

When the student is in their session, it is a great idea to relate brain workouts to things the student cares about to be sure to keep them interested and having fun, while still making progress. Why would the student want to come back to their next session when all the topics they are going through always just end up boring them? Trainers must keep the students tuned in to the exercises and learning, if they ever want them to make progress. The more focused the students are, the more progress we will see.

Not only should students stay interested, but they should be reminded often of all the ways they are improving and increasing their brain strength. Employees should work with a mindset of frequently telling students and parents the improvements they are seeing in the student’s work, to keep them focused on the good that the program is doing for them. If parents and their children are constantly reminded of the improvements being made through the program, they will have greater incentive and desire to continue the sessions.

I cannot express how important it is to establish and maintain open communication with the parent or guardian, because students are spending much more time training online at their home than they are at the center. If there isn’t open communication, there will be no way for trainers to know what progress is being made while the student is working outside of the center. Also, trainers should remind the parents of progress happening while their kid is at the center, to keep them updated and stress-free. If parents are frequently reminded of the progress their child is making with LearningRx, they will understand the ways that our programs are truly doing great things for them .
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