The Diary Of Anne Frank



Anne is the daughter of Mr. Otto Frank and Mrs. Edith Frank. She has one sister her name or Margot. She is from Frankfort, Germany, but when the war started they went into hiding in an Annex. Anne would write In a diary everyday that later got published by her father. She still lives on to this day.

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In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “hope gives you motivation in tough times”, is seen throughout. There was multiple times when the families had and showed hope. When everyone was already low on food and supplies, the family let Mr. Dussel live there. Not everyone agreed at first but they all come around and agreed with each other (390). There is little room but Margot lets Mr. Dussel sleep in her bed while she goes to sleep with her parents. Anne and Mr. Dussel share a room (390).

They also show the the “hope gives you motivation in tonight times” when Anne and Peter are talking about the future. Anne says “ I will become a famous singer, dancer, or something wonderful (388),,” She also say “ I miss the outdoor air (388)..”

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Another theme that is showed in The Diary of Anne Frank, “family sticks together in tough times”, is seen throughout. There was multiple times when the family stuck together even though they were scared for their lives. Mr Frank and Anne were talking, he explains to her that even though living in the annex will be hard, it will also be beneficial (379). Although everyone is getting on everyone's nerves, Mrs.Van Dann shares stories with Anne that lifts her spirits (387). Family sticks together in tough times whenever Miep and Mr. Khraler come to visit, it's makes everyone happy to see them (381).

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Something that I think that symbolizes Anne is a diary. I think this symbolizes her in many ways. One way is how her diary still lives on. She still lives on even though she is not alive. Her diary was something she could go to when she was scared it was a big part of her life.
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