Lyndon B. Johnson

Nicole Francis

Path to Presidency

JFK assassinated November 22, 1963, LBJ immediately sworn into Office

Election of 1964

Rep. Candidate: B. Goldwater

Dem. Candidate: L. B. Johnson

The Great Society

Democratic social reform movement
  1. Congress doubled the appropriation of the Office of Economic Opportunity to redevelop Appalachia
  2. National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities designed to improve America's culture
  3. Created two new cabinet offices: Department of Transportation and Department of Housing and Urban Development (R. Weaver named first black cabinet member)
  4. Educational aid to students, not schools to avoid separation of church and state
  5. Medical care for the elderly and indignant
  6. Immigration reform- Immigration and Neutrality Act of 1965
  7. Voting rights bill

24th Amendment

Eliminated poll taxes

Passed 1964

Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the Vietnam War

Aug 1964

U.S. Navy ships cooperated with South Vietnamese in raids of North Vietnam

Two U.S. ships were allegedly fired upon

LBJ called the attack "unprovoked"

LBJ ordered a "limited" retaliatory air raid against the North Vietnam bases

Congress passes Tonkin Gulf Resolution

LBJ given blank check for further force in Southeast Asia

March 1965 "Operation Rolling Thunder" bombing attacks against North Vietnam

Tet Offensive- caused American public to demand end to Vietnam war

March 31, 1968 LBJ begins to shift power to South Vietnam

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Banned racial discrimination in public facilities
  • Strengthened government's power to end segregation in schools
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to end discrimination in hiring
1965 LBJ calls for people to take "affirmative action" against discrimination

Voting Rights Act of 1965- banned literacy tests and sent federal voter registers into several southern states

Watts explosion shows increasing military force in blacks' struggle

Black Panther Party- growing group who resisted peaceful protest for civil rights

Malcolm X- black separatist, Muslim leader

MLK Jr.- Baptist preacher who advocated anti-violence in fight for blacks' civil rights


April 4- MLK assassinated in Tennessee by J. E. Ray

June 5- Robert Kennedy assassinated by an Arab immigrant

The most deadly period of the Vietnam War