Injures that happen in sports

By: Ally Menting


Out of all of the things that happen by playing spots getting mad and frustrated at people, not stretching before games also getting the improper gear you need. That kind of could lead to a break or to get a sprain. A lot of the injuries are Sprains and strains, Knee injuries, Swollen muscles, Fractures and Dislocations. Also a lot more injures two. When playing sports, make sure that you have all of the right gear that you need for the sport that you are playing.

How Injuries can happen

Some ways that you could get injured in softball/baseball is when the batter is running to home plate and the catcher and batter collied together.

When playing basketball you could injure your self by tripping landing on your foot wrong all of those lead to really bad injuries that you could have so you could get that gear for that and then start wearing a ankle brace when you play basketball so you might not have that big chance of doing that again.