Advertising Management

Luke Trenev

The Profession

An Advertising Manager develops, implements, and manages the company's advertising strategy, both from a business, sales and technical perspective. It is their job to start and manage discussion and sales with sponsor and agencies. They spend time negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives. managing the development of sales materials, including media kits.

They are generally responsible for managing a group of advertising representatives.

Education/Experience Requirements

You need a bachelors degree and 2 to 4 years of field experience.

Common traits of Advertising Managers include interpersonal skills, creativity, idea generation, good written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

Beneficial college courses include consumer behavior, marketing, communications, business administration, journalism sales, market research, communications methods and technology, photography, visual arts and arts history. In addition, having the necessary computer skills to conduct advertising campaigns on the Internet is highly beneficial.

  • In small companies an advertising manager might serve as a connection between the company and the advertising agency that has been chosen to perform advertising and promotional activities. In large companies those in advertising management direct in-house account, media and creative services departments. Advertising managers work in virtually every industry.


From 2006 to 2015 the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6% growth rate for advertising manager jobs. In 2006 the median annual earnings for advertising managers was $73,060 and in the advertising and related services industry it was $97,540. Many managers are given bonuses, participate in profit-sharing plans and are given stock in the company.